Connecting customers through innovation

Our new digital products give customers greater control and faster connectivity. That means better, customized protection at a much lower cost.

Our innovative products

Man taking photo of damage to car with phone.
120 million customer connections with the Allstate Mobile app in 2022.

Transforming lives, one community at a time

We’re working to close the racial opportunity gap, disrupt the cycle of relationship abuse and empower our youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Our societal impact

Man standing outside smiling in Allstate shirt outside.
In 2022, the Foundation invested more than $11 million in support of youth empowerment.

Smaller footprint, larger impact

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges of our time, and insurers have an important role to play.

Our environmental commitments

We have a net zero emissions goal for our business operations and value chain by 2030.
Woman taking samples by a body of water.

Building bridges, celebrating differences

We’re improving opportunities for minority-owned businesses, decreasing pay gaps, and educating our workforce on the importance of equity and inclusion.

Our inclusive diversity

$386 million spent with 2,500 highly qualified diverse suppliers in 2022.
Employees in the office on a video conference call.

Keeping ethics at the forefront

We promote ethical conduct inside and outside the office. That helps us reduce risk and ensure that our actions match our values.

Our governance in action

In 2022, we added a privacy center to to make it faster and more convenient for customers to get help with their privacy concerns.
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A message from Tom Wilson, Chair, President, and CEO

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