Investing in biodiversity

We're not known for farming. But we're known for helping communities and making smart investments. That's why we've created a sustainable almond ranch in California.

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Aerial view of a river with a flock of geese flying by.
In 2023, Allstate's sustainable investments totaled $7.7 billion.

Supporting communities, empowering youth

Man holding an Allstate Foundation bag and smiling.

Young people believe they can change the world. So do we. The Allstate Foundation's partner Son of a Saint mentors young men to build resilient communities. Here's how.

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In 2023, The Allstate Foundation invested more than $8 million in youth empowerment.

Insurance, yes, but a whole lot more

File a claim on the Allstate app? Check. Find the best gas price and parking spot? Check and check. Those are just some of the features we added to help you get things done.

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Woman holding her phone near her car reviewing the Allstate mobile app.
Customers use the app 2.5 million times every week.

When it comes to the workplace, we're flexible

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Selling our headquarters and closing other offices reduced costs and our carbon footprint. But it had another benefit: Our flexible workplace allows us to pick the best candidate no matter where they live.

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In 2023, 40% of our workforce and 28% of our management team at Allstate U.S. was racially or ethnically diverse.

A message from Tom Wilson, Chair, President, and CEO

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