Our collective differences, backgrounds, educations and cultures create an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are encouraged and embraced. We work harder, meet customer needs more effectively and are accepted for who we are. We strive for a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the customers and communities we serve. We’re committed to being a force for positive change. We’ve made inclusive diversity a priority at every level of Allstate. Research repeatedly demonstrates that inclusive diversity contributes to the satisfaction, creativity, innovation, problem-solving ability, engagement and community involvement of employees. We are stronger because of our individual capabilities, ideas and perspectives.

Guiding Principles

Inclusive diversity is fundamental to our success and guides the way we approach our work as well as the world around us. There are five key tenets that form our guiding principles around inclusion and diversity.

  • It’s broadly defined. At Allstate, inclusive diversity is about going beyond traditional measures of race and gender; it’s extending ourselves in a broader and bigger way by integrating and celebrating our individual differences. We actively seek out individuals with varying characteristics (age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disabilities), values and beliefs (religion, attitude, lifestyles, political views), and backgrounds and experiences (personal, educational, functional).
  • It’s proactive and intentional. Inclusive diversity is intentionally integrated into Our Shared Purpose, as well as our operating and governance practices.
  • It’s the responsibility of every Allstater. At Allstate, employees are not just empowered to help shape our future, they’re expected to lead the way.
  • It takes precedence. Inclusive diversity is a priority at all levels of the corporation.
  • It’s about more than us. At Allstate we’re committed to being a positive force for change in the diverse communities we serve. Our employees and customers care deeply about how we contribute to society, which means we need to deliver goods and services, employment opportunities and business results.

Governance Structure

Our corporate policies and practices related to inclusive diversity guide our leaders. Our Shared Purpose — which outlines Allstate’s vision, corporate goals, values, priorities, and operating and leadership principles — highlights inclusive diversity as one of our five core values. Our employees understand the power of collectively living Our Shared Purpose and use it to guide our business pursuits. Inclusive diversity cascades through all levels of the company and is reinforced in our Global Code of Business Conduct.

Allstate leverages an Enterprise Diversity Leadership Council (EDLC), Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Agency Owner Advisory Groups to improve the attraction, retention, development and advancement of diverse talent. 17% of Allstate officers are engaged either as EDLC members or ERG sponsors.

Enterprise Diversity Leadership Council

The Enterprise Diversity Leadership Council (EDLC) is made up of senior leaders throughout the enterprise focused on advancing inclusive diversity at Allstate. The EDLC is representative of all lines of the business, provides updates to the CEO and helps drive targeted results for inclusive diversity across the company by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing actions – The EDLC was a catalyst for the creation of market-facing businesses/areas of responsibility (AOR) inclusive diversity commitments to increase visible leadership commitment and accountability.
  • Taking accountability for achieving target results – The EDLC ensures our inclusive diversity commitments are integrated into business objectives.
  • Ensuring clarity and understanding of the business relevance of inclusive diversity – Many best practices have emerged, including integrating communication of commitments with other business priorities; assigning officer sponsors to individual commitments; incorporating commitments into AOR goals; and ensuring ERGs are integrated and applied in the context of business priorities. The EDLC is integral to the implementation of inclusive diversity commitments across the enterprise. These commitments continue to evolve year-over-year under the guidance of the EDLC.

In recent years, with guidance from the EDLC, Allstate stepped up diversity efforts. In 2016, all business units were required to make inclusive diversity commitments based on their unique diversity needs. In 2019, we revised these commitments to reflect an enterprise-wide strategy. Across the business, we are united in our dedication to continuous improvement of gender and racial/ethnic diversity.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide an open forum where employees with a shared interest connect, develop and collaborate. Allstate supports and funds 11 ERGs, each with unique value propositions and goals. In 2018, Allstate allocated 47% of our total inclusive diversity budget to ERGs, proof that Allstate financially supports and sees a positive business impact of ERGs and their members.

In 2018, 9,494 Allstaters participated in at least one ERG, where employees can develop themselves professionally and share life experiences inside and outside Allstate. As we increased our focus on the regional distribution of ERGs, we are proud that 56 offices now have at least one active ERG, and 69% of ERG participants are employees who work outside our Northbrook, Illinois, headquarters. In fact, ERG participation in Charlotte, North Carolina, grew 262% in 2018.

ERGs are aligned to the goals of inclusive diversity at Allstate, providing opportunities to support recruitment, retention, development and advancement of diverse talent. ERGs provide specific opportunities as well as partner and collaborate with each other to offer professional development workshops, recruiting events, volunteer projects and mentoring, all open to members and to the Allstate community at large. As a result, ERG participants are more likely to stay with Allstate and be promoted.

Four key elements are vital to ERG success:

  • Careers – Help members enhance their careers through strong professional development and serve as a talent engine for the organization
  • Commerce – Help drive business results
  • Culture – Have a positive impact on members by enhancing their sense of pride and knowledge
  • Community – Focus externally and have an impact on their communities

Agency Owner Advisory Groups

To better serve our diverse customer base, we rely on a variety of perspectives from the Agency Executive Council (AEC), National Advisory Board (NAB) and Market Operating Committees (MOC).

  • Agency Executive Council – Includes 14 agency owners with diverse backgrounds who work with and provide thought leadership directly to Allstate’s senior leadership team
  • National Advisory Board – Consists of 73 agency owners and 11 Exclusive Financial Specialists who represent the voice of the agency force and advise on national operational issues
  • Market Operating Committees – 14 MOCs govern regional geographies, each of which has an Agency Advisory Council

Operating Practices

We live into Our Shared Purpose every day; our inclusive culture and value for diversity are strengthened through day-to-day activities and standard practices that encourage us to keep the focus on our values.

Talent Planning Practices

Allstate embeds members of our Inclusive Diversity team into our talent and succession planning sessions to ensure we combat potential unconscious bias in key decision-making. In early 2019, we invited Inclusive Diversity team members to join our CEO and executive succession planning session. Read more about our talent planning practices in our Workforce section.

Inclusive Hiring

By analyzing workforce demographics, we determine the greatest opportunities to bring more diverse talent into the organization and then build recruiting and outreach strategies to target, identify and recruit qualified diverse candidates.

As a key element of our strategy to increase attraction of diverse candidates, Allstate focuses on inclusive hiring practices.

Allstate builds relationships with numerous external organizations to enhance our diverse hiring pipeline:

  • Association of Latino Professionals for America
  • National Association of Black Accountants
  • National Sales Network
  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • AnitaB.org
  • National Black MBA Association
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Queen City Bytes
  • National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals
  • RecruitMilitary.com
  • MBA Veterans
  • Hire Purpose
  • Military.com

To ensure Allstate can successfully recruit and hire diverse candidates into the future, we work with programs like Junior Achievement and One Million Degrees that encourage youth empowerment through education (including career programming and mentorship for longer-term pipeline development). We also partner with our Employee Resource Groups to encourage a more diverse referral pipeline for entry-level through executive positions. 2019 saw the launch of the first cohort for a Military Mentorship Program, which ran from May until September.

The Talent Acquisition team has partnered with exclusive agency owner, Exclusive Financial Specialist and licensed sales professional recruiting teams for events held by the National Sales Network and National Black MBA Association. Allstate is also supporting select historically black colleges and universities to attract talent to our sales and entrepreneur career opportunities.

Performance and Pay Practices Review

Allstate takes a thorough approach to ensure fairness in our performance and compensation programs, and the Board reviews Allstate’s pay fairness analyses annually.

Allstate has a comprehensive process for ensuring pay equality. The Equal Pay Analysis Process compares the base salary of men and women, nonminorities and minorities within similar jobs and geographic area. It identifies situations where a statistically significant difference in salary or a 5% difference in salary exists. If pay discrepancies are identified, adjustments are made. In the 2018 analysis, we reviewed approximately 34,000 salaries across 3,768 roles. Based on the 2018 analysis, Allstate has no evidence of systemic gender or racial pay discrimination.

Inclusive Diversity Training

We require all new employees to complete inclusive diversity training. We educate our recruiters, managers and hiring managers to foster inclusive hiring and value diversity in the workplace. Training covers a variety of topics, including self-awareness regarding cultural identity and unconscious bias, and provides tools to help employees create a more inclusive environment. Participants complete self-assessments on their level of cross-cultural competency.

In 2018, Allstate launched a new course, Disrupting the Unconscious Bias of Cultural Fit, designed to target ways we may unconsciously label diverse candidates as not “the right fit” for a role. The course presents new ways to evaluate how everyone can add to the organization and create impact. Multiple business units have included this course offering in their leadership training, and more than 800 employees have participated.

In 2018, the inclusive diversity team also launched quarterly Inclusive Conversation events. In the first year, 1,159 Allstaters attended. These conversations help Allstaters build inclusive diversity capabilities, foster more meaningful relationships with their peers, and discuss current, relevant topics like privilege and unconscious bias.

We host diversity programs on critical topics such as gender identity and transitions, religion in the workplace and generational differences. Many of these topics, particularly unconscious bias and leveraging inclusive diversity, are embedded into other management development training and programs throughout the enterprise. To date, nearly 30,000 Allstate employees have participated in inclusive diversity training. In 2018, 9,238 Allstaters participated in inclusive diversity training. Specifically, in 2018, 886 new Claims employees participated in a tailored inclusive diversity training session, and 100% of Allstate Technology & Strategic Ventures directors and investment leaders completed ID training.