Value Creation and Protection

Founded in 1931, Allstate became a publicly traded company in 1993 and fully independent in 1995, when it was spun off from Sears Holdings Corp. Today, we are one of the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurers in America. We are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol ALL and are widely known through the “You’re in good hands with Allstate®” slogan.

Allstate is focused on long-term value creation and protection. Financial capital is core to our business—we responsibly manage our financial input and output to serve stakeholders and enable the company to thrive. Human capital is one of our most important assets—our people are fundamental to how we do business and how we build resilient communities. Intellectual capital, specifically our data analytics and specialized insights, sets us apart from other companies in evaluating risk and serving customers. We have also made acquisitions designed for the total protection of our customers, including their data and personal identities. Social capital enables us to be a pillar in the communities we serve, both by protecting customers and by giving back to community members. Manufactured capital, such as the buildings we occupy and the technology assets we leverage to conduct business, makes the everyday functionality of our world possible. Natural capital considerations help us determine risk and our impact on the environment. Collectively, we use these capitals—financial, human, intellectual, social, manufactured and natural—to serve customers and enhance communities. These capitals are our framework for value creation and protection.

Allstate is more than an insurance company. We’re a growing network of small businesses with a team of trusted advisors in communities across the country. We provide total household solutions and deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Allstate’s 88,000 employees and members of the agency force strive to make communities stronger, lives safer and futures brighter.

Allstate helps families protect the things that are most important to them. Our business aims to help build resilient communities, not only through our products and services, but also through our commitment to corporate responsibility.

Allstate’s Value Chain

The value chain map illustrates the full scope of Allstate’s impacts and operations, as well as all potential stakeholder groups. We have also identified the six capital inputs and outputs that are essential for value creation and protection.

The Environment

Opinion Leaders

Policy Makers




Building Operations




Agency Owners

Agency Employees



Markets Served

Allstate is always refining product offerings, marketing outreach and customer service based on careful research. Consumers have more choices than ever when purchasing insurance or any other product or service. We serve four distinct consumer segments with differentiated preferences (local advice and assistance versus self-service) and brand recognition (brand-neutral versus brand-sensitive). While we primarily serve U.S. and Canadian markets, our global operational presence extends with our subsidiaries, Allstate Northern Ireland and Allstate Solutions Private Limited in India. These global entities are critical to developing innovative technologies and business solutions for The Allstate Corporation. Each of our subsidiaries tailors its corporate responsibility approach to its unique needs and regional issues within our larger platform of Allstate priorities, strategic vision and Global Code of Business Conduct.

The Allstate Family of Companies

Awards and Recognition

Allstate is recognized as an employer of choice and as a corporate champion for leadership in ethics, diversity, innovation and corporate responsibility. You can find an updated list of Allstate’s accolades in the Allstate Newsroom.