Empowerment. Social Impact. Caring. Allstate is a force for good. By forming strong relationships in the communities where we work and live, Allstate creates shared value for consumers and the company.
At Allstate, we promise to help our customers live a good life every day. That promise starts in the communities where we live, work and serve. We’re a growing network of small businesses with a team of trusted advisors across the country. Our employees, agency owners and agency staff strive to make communities stronger, lives safer and futures brighter, by giving our time and resources to support causes and organizations. Caring and innovation are woven into the fabric of our Allstate story. We are here to serve.

What Community Means at Allstate

For Allstate employees, agency owners and agency staff, community presence means making an impact. We bring good to people’s lives in times of need and strengthen communities and the nonprofits that serve them. We use our community platforms to build our reputation as a company that cares and advocates for social issues, ensuring our communications reflect our corporate purpose and speak to Allstaters’ individual roles in giving back.


Our commitment to leadership in local communities is core to Allstate’s business; it makes our business stronger and helps us deliver on our goal to bring people prosperity, safety and well-being.

Allstate’s involvement in local communities generates value for both our business and for our neighbors. Allstate and The Allstate Foundation’s charitable grants and philanthropic efforts help foster our culture of caring and build on our 87-year legacy of helping people. Staying true to our principle to focus relentlessly on those few things that can make the most impact, we engaged Allstate stakeholders to identify the Foundation’s funding priorities and signature programs, ensuring they address real community concerns. Our community programs offer Allstate employees, agency owners and financial specialists fulfilling opportunities to give back, find their passion and get involved with organizations that address causes most important to them. In fact, our work to help communities is part of what attracts, develops and engages top talent.  In turn, our dedicated and passionate workforce helps build our reputation in communities across the country. We empower agency owners by offering a rewarding opportunity to own a small business and providing support to help them succeed as trusted neighborhood leaders.


Corporate philanthropic support from Allstate, funds directed from the Allstate Foundation and donations from employees, agency owners and agency staff make a difference in communities around the country — including our hometown of Chicago.

In Partnership with The Allstate Foundation

In 2017, Allstate corporate support and foundation funding combined to give more than $41 million to communities. While the majority of Allstate community contributions come from The Allstate Foundation, additional funds directed from the corporate arm make up an important part of the work Allstate supports in communities. Allstate corporate dollars support strategic initiatives such as the Helping Hands employee volunteer program and the Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program.

Giving by Allstate and The Allstate Foundation

Annual Giving Campaign

The Allstate Giving Campaign celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017, a testament to Allstaters’ long-standing generosity to local community partners. Since 1997, the campaign has raised $114 million for thousands of nonprofit organizations across the country.

The 2017 Allstate Giving Campaign raised $7.3 million from Allstate employees, agency owners and agency staff contributions with Allstate’s match. For every dollar donated by Allstaters, the company provides a $0.15 match and contributes an additional five cents to local United Way organizations across the country. In 2017, Giving Campaign donations were distributed to more than 8,000 nonprofit organizations across the country.

Annual Giving Campaign

Hometown Presence

Empowering Chicago youth was our top priority in 2017, as Allstate continued to boldly define our leadership in our hometown. For the third year, we focused primarily on programs and partnerships that prepare youth for the challenges of life through stronger social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. It’s why we’re constantly seeking innovative, evidence-based programs and partners with the ability to effectively achieve scale. In 2017, more than 400,000 youth participated directly in Allstate Good Starts Young programming in Chicago through traditional mentorship, the arts and sports, making Allstate one of the leading corporate sponsors of youth programming in Chicago.

We deepened our Chicago relationships with the community anchors and cultural institutions we support. More than providing funding, we contributed intellectual and human capital to build capacity and leadership.  We support large cultural institutions that use programming to improve the SEL skills of diverse and mostly at-risk youth. These deeper relationships give us a unique perspective to better understand and eliminate the barriers preventing Chicago’s at-risk youth from reaching their full potential.

We also sharpened our corporate giving focus to serve our grantees at a crucial time. Cuts in government funding put more pressure on companies to fill the gap and Allstate has risen to the challenge. Not only are we offering much-needed funds and expertise, we’re also encouraging our community partners to make the most of each dollar by adopting a more enterprising approach. With a focus on measurable results, a willingness to take more risk, experiment and try new methodologies, we are helping strengthen our grantees, both for the short-term and long into the future.

The Allstate Foundation Programs

Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the country, The Allstate Foundation brings the relationships, reputation and resources of Allstate to support innovative and lasting solutions that enhance people’s well-being and prosperity.

Established in 1952, The Allstate Foundation is an independent charitable organization made possible by subsidiaries of The Allstate Corporation. The Allstate Foundation is fully funded by donations from Allstate. It invests both nationally and in the local communities where we live and work. The Allstate Foundation focuses its support on key issues enabling us to drive social change:

  • Good Starts Young: Inspires young leaders to gain social emotional skills and engage in service.
  • Purple Purse: Breaks the cycle of domestic violence through financial empowerment.
  • Helping Hands: Supports Allstate employee and agency owner involvement in the community with service grants.
  • Greater Good: Provides leadership skills to nonprofit executives to help close the nonprofit leadership gap.

Purple Purse and Good Starts Young were determined as funding priorities through an internal and external stakeholder engagement process. We conducted the process in partnership with external parties, and it was aimed at identifying potential Allstate social programs with the most shared benefit for Allstate and the communities we serve. We asked diverse groups of consumers, agency owners and employees for their perspectives on social benefits that Allstate is uniquely positioned to deliver for the greatest impact. It is important to us that our social impact programs resonate both as addressing true community needs and as issues that fit within the Allstate brand value proposition.

The Allstate Foundation is led by a Board of Trustees, which is comprised of the eight highest-ranking officers of Allstate. They are responsible for setting the Foundation’s strategic direction, including determining desired outcomes, approving the annual budget and reviewing the results at a high level. Foundation programming and oversight of grants exceeding $50,000 are the responsibility of the Grant Committee, made up of a cross-sectional representation of vice presidents and senior vice presidents from Allstate. Foundation staff supports day-to-day program activities and grantmaking.

Good Starts Young: Youth Empowerment

The Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young is about preparing youth for the future. Young people today face a more complex, economically challenging and globally connected world. The return on investing in youth is extraordinary! Good Starts Young helps young people thrive not just as students, but also as leaders, dreamers, entrepreneurs and citizens. Youth are empowered to reach their full potential, serve causes greater than themselves and make the world a better place.

Good Starts Young is based on research that demonstrates that well-designed and well-implemented teacher-taught SEL programs can promote students’ social-emotional development, behavior and academic performance. That’s why SEL is at the core of Good Starts Young. It’s why we partner with nonprofit organizations like WE Charity, Facing History and Ourselves and thousands of youth-serving organizations throughout the U.S.

The Allstate Foundation is the national co-title sponsor of WE, a nonprofit organization that offers service-learning programs to broaden students’ understanding of social issues and help them determine how to take action to address them. Through WE, Good Starts Young supports WE Volunteer Now – a WE Schools campaign — to rally youth to identify the causes most important to them, plan and lead volunteer projects, and mobilize their peers and community members to join them in creating positive change in their schools and communities. To support their efforts, WE Volunteer Now provides grants to help cover the expenses associated with the volunteer projects.

Good Starts Young

Purple Purse: Empowering Survivors of Domestic Violence

Thirteen years ago, we began working with survivors to help them break free from the cycle of violence. While most people think only of physical abuse when they consider domestic violence, financial abuse occurs in 99% of all cases. It’s an invisible weapon that keeps victims trapped in abusive relationships.

Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $60 million to end domestic violence through financial empowerment, which translates to helping more than 1.3 million survivors.

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is the longest-running national campaign focused on ending domestic violence through a proven solution: financial empowerment services for survivors. We were one of the first major corporations to address domestic violence and to focus on the role of financial abuse. Our work brings financial abuse out of the shadows and uses financial empowerment to break the cycle of domestic violence. We are building a national movement of supporters who stand up against domestic violence and financial abuse, while providing survivors with access to the financial education and tools they need to stay safe and stand on their own.

Purple Purse incorporates all our domestic violence programs, including direct services, thought leadership and public awareness and engagement activities:

Metric 2014 2015 2016 2017
Purple Purse: Total raised $2.5M $3.1M $4.1M $4.3M
Purple Purse: Community partners 136 160 191 221
Purple Purse Campaign results: Survivors served 196,962 197,000 216,000 370,000
Purple Purse Campaign results: Participants* 187,000 949,000 2,980,000 6,700,000
*Includes individuals who engaged with Purple Purse through a campaign activity (making a donation or buying a charm) or on social media (i.e., via clicks, likes/favorites, comments/replies, retweets/shares, follows or video/media views longer than three seconds), as well as employee and agency owner participation.

Greater Good: Nonprofit Leadership Development

Nonprofits provide crucial, often lifesaving services that make our communities stronger, safer and more vibrant. However, nonprofits often lack the resources and tools to promote leadership development and employee retention. This can keep them from fulfilling their critical missions to empower individuals or solve vexing social issues.

Building strong communities speaks to the core of Allstate’s promise and value proposition, and developing leaders is one of our areas of strength. In 2014, The Allstate Foundation capitalized on its unique position to become a catalyst for nonprofit leadership development by partnering with Northwestern University and its Kellogg School of Management’s Center for Nonprofit Management to launch the Greater Good Nonprofit Leaders Program. Designed to develop high-potential leaders at midsize nonprofit organizations, Greater Good delivers high-quality executive education that would otherwise be out of reach due to limited program availability, budget and resource constraints.

2017 was pivotal in the evolution of the Foundation’s commitment to developing nonprofit leaders and the Greater Good program. Working with our partners at Northwestern, we developed the first-ever online nonprofit leadership development program available at no cost to every nonprofit organization and their employees in the nation. It provides innovative learning opportunities that will bring greater impact and scale to the program’s mission to strengthen the nonprofit sector and build more vibrant communities. The new program, called The Allstate Foundation Nonprofit Leadership Center, will launch in 2018.

Greater Good


Allstate’s employees and agency force bring out the good by contributing time and talent to a variety of organizations through our volunteer programs.

Since 1976, our Helping Hands volunteer program has empowered Allstate agency owners and employees across the country to give back and make a difference in their communities, which we know is important to them. Every day, Allstate’s spirit of bringing out the good is brought to life by an employee network of 114 Helping Hands Committees at Allstate offices. Helping Hands Committees are made up of local Allstate volunteer leaders who collaborate with colleagues and community partners to find opportunities to give back in meaningful ways. The commitment and creativity of our Helping Hands Committees powerfully connect us to local organizations—and create change at a grass-roots level.

We want to help employees and agency owners discover and follow their passions, and we offer several ways to get involved. In 2017, employees and agency owners reported 258,800 hours of community service. Allstate leaders celebrated and highlighted agency owner and financial specialist volunteerism through a recognition email that reached more than 1.4 million customers.

Volunteer Hours

Bring Out the Good Month

Our passion for giving back shows year-round – but once a year we rally together during Allstate’s annual community involvement campaign to make an incredible impact on our communities. We dedicate a whole month to offering our communities and customers a helping hand. Beginning with Give Back Day in 2009, expanding to Allstate Week of Service in 2012, and growing in 2015 to Allstate Bring Out the Good Month, Allstaters volunteer in droves every April. Allstaters completed 871 volunteer projects in April 2017, and 719 Bring Out the Good Month Coordinators inspired their teams to give and volunteer to help our nonprofit partners do the most good. In total, nearly 13,000 Allstaters volunteered during our 2017 Bring Out the Good Month.

Allstate Foundation Helping Hands Grants

To celebrate and honor the impact of the involvement of our agency owners, financial specialists and employees, The Allstate Foundation provides Helping Hands grants to nonprofit or municipal organizations where employees volunteer at least 16 hours, or where agency owners volunteer four. In 2015, The Allstate Foundation set a goal to engage 50% of agencies with a Helping Hands Grant by year-end 2017. We came just short of that at 42%, but the momentum generated by the ongoing commitment of agency owners is energizing the force at levels never before seen. The vision to spread our culture of caring throughout our network of agencies has spurred increased visibility for the agency force in their communities and unparalleled excitement for the Helping Hands Grants program. We increasingly see agency owners using Allstate programming as a tool to strengthen their communities and enhance their leadership. The Allstate Foundation Trustees increased funding for the program in 2018, and we are pushing for our 50% target of agency force participation.

Helping Hands Grant

Local Presence Community Engagement Programs

We help position agency owners as local leaders by providing programs and resources for issues that matter to them and their communities. These turnkey programs focus on engagement opportunities around empowering youth and financially empowering survivors of domestic violence, as well as volunteerism, safe driving and disaster preparedness. Beyond turnkey programming, we offer agency owners one-on-one consultations to help build community involvement into their annual business plans and connect them with the programming, resources and promotional support for causes that matter most to them and their communities.

In 2017, more than 8,000 agency owners leveraged local presence programming. In addition, agency owners reported a 72% satisfaction rate with the effectiveness of the tools, resources and programs that Allstate and The Allstate Foundation offer them to build their local presence. Agency owners cited community involvement as one of the highest-ranking categories that had a positive impact on their agency, according to the Agency Relationship Survey. Our 2017 reputation data showed significant increases in the number of agency owners who believe Allstate provides them tools to be visible in the community, establish local presence and build a strong reputation.

Strengthening the Nonprofit Community

Allstate is committed to helping build resilient communities. We work toward this goal by supporting our nonprofit partners in the community, both financially and through lending our expertise and creativity. Giving our time and talent has as much impact as giving donations, and offers opportunities for employees to build deeper connections within their neighborhoods.

Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program
Allstaters drive strong positive change by contributing their time and talent at every level of organizations in their communities. Through the Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program, we help our officers join the boards of nonprofits whose missions advance our strategic social impact areas. By participating in this program, Allstate leaders expand their networks, gain valuable leadership experience and give back to the community.

In 2017, 78 Allstate officers served on the boards of 96 organizations whose missions are aligned with Allstate priority areas of supporting survivors of domestic violence and empowering youth. Allstate officers personally support these organizations with their skills, expertise, time and charitable giving. In addition, Allstate gives a portion of our corporate philanthropic dollars to these organizations.

Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program

Allstate Fellows
Started in 2011, Allstate Fellows is a skills-based volunteer initiative investing in the professional development of our employees while addressing nonprofits’ critical needs, like financial management and human resources. By leveraging Allstate’s talent to address real-life challenges at nonprofit organizations, we empower our employees to lead the way and make an impact.

The Renewal Project
Across the United States, individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations are finding creative solutions to the country’s most pressing social and economic challenges. Through the Renewal Awards and, Allstate is showcasing and chronicling this surge of civic innovation and grass-roots action. We are determined to find and tell the stories of prag­mat­ic prob­lem-solv­ers wherever they are — loc­al gov­ernment, non­profit groups, small busi­nesses, neighborhood or individuals — and in so doing, celebrate and inspire a renewed sense of community, resilience and ingenuity across America.


Our presence in the areas where we live and work is elevated through the efforts of more than 11,530 agency owners and financial specialists, plus a broad network of Allstate independent agents.

Our efforts to create and grow small businesses are central to the success of Allstate, and we are proud to offer entrepreneurs one of the most rewarding small-business opportunities in the country. Allstate agency owners are trusted advisors for their neighbors — who seek out Allstate in times of need and uncertainty because of the local perspective, expertise and leadership that differentiate us. Our agency owners and financial specialists are part of the fabric of their communities. Those who choose Allstate share a purpose: to help prepare and protect customers from life’s uncertainties.

Allstate agency owners recognize the unique benefit that only Allstate offers: They own equity in their book of business and can sell their business or pass ownership to a family member. Allstate agency owners also have the backing and support of an 87-year-old company with one of the most recognized brands. To help our agency owners thrive in today’s market, we provide knowledge, skills, tools and a credible brand reputation.

  • Staffing: We offer agency owners a wide range of programs and resources to support them in attracting, retaining and developing their own employees. In 2017, we introduced a partnership that will enable agency owners to offer their employees benefits, if desired. With this option, plus effective agency staff recruiting materials and staff award and recognition programs, we encourage their success as small-business owners and Allstate agents.
  • Field Sales Leaders: Each agency owner and financial specialist receives one-on-one support from a local, dedicated consultant who can help them build a successful agency or financial practice.
  • Dedicated teams: The Allstate Customer Contact Centers serve as an extension of our agency locations and are available to provide customer assistance 24/7. Claims advocates are also available to agency owners so they can help customers through the process. Innovations in our claims process also help enhance the agents’ ability to provide tailored, timely assistance to Allstate customers.
  • Ongoing education: Our best-in-class education tools and resources help agency owners and financial specialists understand the products and services they can offer customers. We also support them as small-business owners through programs like virtual mentorships, best-practice sharing and interactive workshops. Over 90% of our education is done virtually, with satisfaction levels above 90%.
  • Marketing/advertising: Agency owners can count on the support of Allstate’s multimillion-dollar national advertising campaigns to raise awareness with prospective customers of the products and services Allstate provides. They also have access to customizable local marketing and advertising materials — including brochures, mailers and emails — and a personalized web page and social media sites.
  • Branding: We offer a variety of ways to help agency owners establish their brand locally — from signs to furnishings to interior design experience — to enhance the customer experience and present agencies in a professional manner.

Agency Relationship Survey

Because agency owners are independent contractors who run their own businesses, they are not included in our annual employee engagement survey. Instead, we conduct an annual Agency Relationship Survey each fall that offers insight into the engagement, satisfaction, challenges and concerns of agency owners, financial specialists and independent agents. It identifies actionable opportunities to build or amplify Allstate’s relationship with the agency force.

In the 2017 Agency Relationship Survey, we found that 88% of agency owners are proud to represent Allstate.

Agency Relationship Survey: percent “proud to represent Allstate”

Small Businesses

We believe supporting small-business ownership boosts prosperity in our communities, and we look beyond our network of Allstate agency owners to aid other small businesses countrywide. We monitor the needs and concerns of small-business owners through regional This protects our connection to the market and positions Allstate to better understand and support the needs of all small businesses.

Small Business Barometer
The Allstate/USA Today Small Business Barometer is a tool for influencing the country’s discussion about the current state of small businesses, and increasing awareness about how industry indicators — labor, capital, commodities, technology and more — influence the business climate. The Small Business Barometer combines a national survey of small-business owners with federal data to yield eight key indicators and an overall profile measure. The eight indicators are: capital, commodities, customers, innovation, technology, labor, optimism and regulations. In 2016, the survey placed an additional focus on minority business owners, and in 2017, the additional focus was on veteran-owned businesses.

Small Business Connection
Allstate is among six of the nation’s most recognized brands that partnered to form Small Business Connection — an open access web portal with valuable information and thought leadership to help small-business owners. It provides specific insurance, legal, financial, technology, employee benefits, online marketing and office insights in one place.

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