One of Allstate’s and The Allstate Foundation’s roles in society is to strengthen communities so they can prosper. Allstaters take a stand to empower youth, uplift survivors of domestic violence, and support the communities where we live and work. We use our resources to bolster communities and the nonprofits that serve them.

While the following reflects 2019 achievements, we also included our 2020 community action following the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see our Looking Ahead information below for these details.


Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the country, Allstate and The Allstate Foundation work to create prosperous communities where people are inspired and empowered to realize their hopes and dreams. Established in 1952, The Allstate Foundation is an independent charitable organization made possible by The Allstate Corporation. Fully funded by donations from Allstate, the Foundation invests nationally and locally in the communities where we live and work.

In 2019, Allstate and The Allstate Foundation invested nearly $40 million in communities.

Giving by Allstate and The Allstate Foundation

Accelerating Social Impact & Community Leadership

We are passionate about solving complex problems through our perseverance, courage, long-term approach and a drive to do more than anyone thought possible. Through The Allstate Foundation, we take a surround-sound approach to accelerate progress on key issues by dedicating volunteer time, resources, expertise and funding to organizations that build vibrant and resilient communities.

  • We champion bold ideas: From ending domestic violence to bolstering local communities to creating a brighter future for the next generation, we believe in setting our sights high and bringing our expertise to bear to address today’s greatest social issues.
  • We accelerate change: Together with our partners, we empower today’s visionaries and innovators to test, learn, champion and implement the best solutions.
  • We create lasting impact: With an outcomes-focused and data-driven approach, we take a long-term view of our work to ensure it’s scalable, sustainable and measurable to create lasting change.

The Allstate Foundation focuses its support on key issues enabling us to accelerate social change:

  • Youth Empowerment: Prepares young leaders with social and emotional learning skills and engages them in service-learning, enabling youth to take charge of their future
  • Ending Domestic Violence: Breaks the cycle of domestic violence through financial education and empowerment for survivors, including healthy relationships education for young people
  • Nonprofit Leadership Center: Ensures nonprofits fulfill their vital missions by providing free leadership development training available to all nonprofit employees in the nation.
  • Community Leadership: Encourages Allstate agency force members and employees to donate their time, expertise and financial resources to benefit local communities.

Youth Empowerment

The Allstate Foundation’s focus on youth began 15 years ago with an aggressive effort to combat teen deaths in car crashes. In 10 years, the rate of teen deaths in car crashes fell 50%. Our current effort is about looking to the future and preparing youth to lead successful lives.

Research shows that social and emotional learning skills, like resilience, empathy and teamwork, are a better predictor of lifelong success than academic ability alone, and increasing these skills results in both immediate and long-term improvements in school, work and life. The benefits of SEL apply to every child, regardless of background, socioeconomic status, interests and aptitudes.

The Allstate Foundation is dedicated to increasing access to programs that build SEL skills. We also provide service-learning opportunities for youth to achieve goals for their community and build skills and gain insights for themselves. We believe – and research shows – that combining SEL and service-learning has a powerful impact that can help youth build skills like empathy, teamwork and critical thinking. In fact, in a recent survey, 89% of teachers said that volunteering caused their students to show increased leadership skills among peers.

We partner with organizations to scale SEL and service-learning resources for educators, parents and youth, and invest in research and curriculum that translates into better short- and long-term outcomes for young people. In 2018, we launched a five-year, $45 million national campaign to empower young people with SEL and service-learning. By the end of 2019, we exceeded our initial goal to deliver SEL programming to 14 million young people by 2022. In 2019, we contributed $10 million toward this campaign, the majority of which funds evidence-based direct services. We also focus on building awareness of the importance of SEL and service-learning among educators, families and policymakers.

We believe that if you make a positive impact on enough youth, the ripples will help a family, a school, a community and ultimately the world.

Domestic Violence

The Allstate Foundation’s domestic violence program – formerly known as Purple Purse – is the longest-running national campaign focused on ending domestic violence by providing financial empowerment to survivors. Allstate is proud to be one of the first major corporations to address domestic violence and to focus on the role of financial abuse. While most people think only of physical abuse when they consider domestic violence, financial abuse occurs in 99% of all cases. It’s an invisible weapon that keeps victims trapped in abusive relationships.

New in 2019, we broadened our program focus and expanded our prevention efforts to advance and scale education on healthy relationships and healthy financial relationships. We have embarked on new partnerships, programs and research that could help reduce the number of young people who will experience domestic violence and financial abuse in their lifetime.

Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $70 million toward ending domestic violence and financial abuse and helped empower more than 2 million survivors on the path to safety and security. This program encompasses direct service support, thought leadership, and public awareness and engagement activities.

In 2019, we involved nearly 36 million people in our campaign. We provided 55,000 domestic violence survivors with financial education through programs like our Moving Ahead curriculum, training and/or support services. We also expanded our advocate training strategy and trained more than 4,400 advocates, a 42% increase from 2018.

During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Allstate agency owners in 2019 teamed up to volunteer and host professional clothing drives for local shelters, earning $500,000 in Allstate Foundation grants for many participating nonprofits. Allstate employees from 68 offices raised money, donated supplies and volunteered. We also launched a new campaign platform and shared survivor stories to increase public understanding of financial abuse and enlist them in the Foundation’s mission to end domestic violence.

Last year, we changed how we measure the number of survivors we empower each year to provide a more targeted and meaningful reflection of the Foundation’s impact. We now measure the number of domestic violence survivors who specifically receive financial education, training or support through Foundation grants. This new method will yield smaller numbers, but they will be more specific to our focus and more representative of our impact.

Survivors who receive financial education or support services (annually) 56,000
Agency owners engaged 981

Nonprofit Leadership

Nonprofits provide important services that make our communities stronger, safer and more vibrant. The Allstate Foundation is committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector to build more prosperous communities for all. We support nonprofit leadership development through The Allstate Foundation Nonprofit Leadership Center.

We joined forces with Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management’s Center for Nonprofit Management to offer free in-person and online nonprofit leadership development programs available to every nonprofit employee in the nation. Each year, our Executive Leadership Program provides 30 competitively selected leaders with yearlong classroom-based learning, networking and mentoring. Our Nonprofit Management Essentials online courses are available in three formats to meet diverse learning styles and objectives from self-paced study to group train-the-trainer courses. More than 30 online modules are provided on critical subjects like Messaging that Moves People; Building Stronger Community Partnerships; and Managing Your Stakeholders. In 2019, almost 5,000 leaders developed their competencies through the program, compared to just over 2,000 leaders who participated in 2018. Surveys show participants continue to thrive in their positions, taking on new responsibilities and sharing their knowledge with co‐workers and personal networks. In 2019, we added program content to extend our impact, including more options for leaders and nonprofit organizations to use online resources, and began work on new data analytics coursework.

Community Leadership

Allstate’s employees and agency force bring out the good by contributing time and talent to a variety of organizations through our volunteer programs. Since 1976, our Helping Hands volunteer program has empowered Allstate agency owners and employees across the country to give back and make a difference in their communities. Every day, this spirit of caring is embodied by an employee network of Helping Hands committees at our offices. These committees of local Allstate volunteer leaders collaborate with colleagues and community partners to find meaningful ways to give back. The commitment and creativity of our Helping Hands committees powerfully connect us to local organizations and create grassroots change.

To help Allstaters discover and follow their passions, we offer several ways to get involved. In 2019, we volunteered with 8,542 nonprofit organizations – individually or in teams. According to our reputation survey results, 69% of employees and 79% of agency owners and agency staff volunteered in 2019.

We give back to our communities year-round but emphasize community involvement during Allstate’s annual month-long campaign to make a greater impact on our communities. Beginning with Give Back Day in 2009, expanding to Allstate Week of Service in 2012, and growing in 2015 to Allstate Bring Out the Good® month, Allstaters volunteer in droves every April. In April 2019, Allstaters completed 1,057 volunteer projects, and 914 Bring Out the Good month coordinators inspired their teams to give to and volunteer with our nonprofit partners. In total, 30,091 Allstate employees, agency owners and agency staff participated by giving and volunteering, benefiting almost 16,000 community organizations.

The Allstate Foundation promotes volunteerism by providing employees with a $500 Helping Hands Grant after they complete 16 hours or more of community service for an eligible nonprofit organization. In 2019, 676 employees earned 867 Helping Hands Grants, providing $433,500 to 602 nonprofit organizations. This represented a 16% increase in grants over 2018. In addition, Allstate honors employees’ volunteerism through our Helping Hands Awards. Every month, an employee or team is recognized with a Helping Hands Award for their outstanding volunteer service. Award recipients select an eligible nonprofit to receive a $1,000 grant from Allstate, and their volunteer story is shared to inspire others.

To help agency owners be local leaders, we offer programs and resources that address issues that matter to them and their communities. The Allstate Foundation provides Helping Hands Grants to encourage and recognize community service performed by the agency force. Agency owners can earn two $500 grants after completing at least four hours of service for each grant. They also can participate in Group Helping Hands Projects with at least five other Allstate volunteers. Projects can earn from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the project’s social impact and other considerations. In 2019, the agency force joined together to complete more than 620 Group Helping Hands Projects across the country, an average of more than 11 projects per week and a 50% increase over 2018.

In addition, agency force members can share their expertise by using community toolkits developed by Allstate and The Allstate Foundation. These tool kits focus on empowering youth and financially empowering survivors of domestic violence, as well as safe driving and disaster preparedness. Allstate offers agency owners one-on-one consultations to help build community involvement into their annual business plans and connect them with the programming, resources and promotional support for causes important to their communities.

In 2019, The Allstate Foundation improved the way it tracks and reports how our agency force serves their hometowns. We recognized that agencies support their communities in many ways, including volunteer service, sharing expertise and financially contributing to nonprofit organizations. Last year, an increasing number of agency force members stepped up to serve as community leaders across the nation, which led to more nonprofits and communities benefiting from their charitable service and support.

Agency Force Community Leadership 2018 2019
Percent serving as a community leader 61% 66%
Nonprofits benefiting from their service 2,749 2,938
Communities served 1,581 1,598

Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program

Allstate is committed to building resilient communities by supporting our nonprofit partners with funds and with our expertise and creativity. Giving our time and talent offers opportunities for employees to build deeper connections with their neighborhoods. Through the Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program, we help officers join the boards of nonprofits whose missions advance our strategic social impact areas. By participating in this program, Allstate leaders expand their networks, gain leadership experience and give back to the community.

In 2019, 79 Allstate officers served on the boards of 88 organizations. Of those, 76% had missions that aligned with Allstate’s priority areas of supporting survivors of domestic violence and empowering youth. Allstate officers support these organizations with their skills, expertise, time and charitable giving. In addition, Allstate gives a portion of our corporate philanthropic dollars to these organizations.

Community Leadership

Allstate Fellows

Started in 2011, Allstate Fellows is a volunteer initiative that shares the specialized skills and expertise of Allstate employees to strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofits, helping them build and sustain their capacity to achieve their missions. The program also invests in employees’ professional development by providing them the opportunity to apply their skills in a new environment and learn more about the nonprofit sector. Employees apply for a three-month fellowship at a nonprofit to support critical projects like talent recruitment, information technology, cybersecurity, marketing, strategic planning and more. In 2019, 12 highly skilled Allstate employees helped 8 nonprofit organizations address critical challenges during three-month fellowships.

The Giving Campaign

In addition to the social impact work of the Foundation and supporting the community leadership of Allstaters, we honor the passions of Allstaters by offering a match on qualifying charitable contributions. Since 1997, the Giving Campaign has raised $130 million for thousands of nonprofit organizations across the country, and in 2019, the funding of the match transitioned from Allstate to The Allstate Foundation. The Allstate Foundation Giving Campaign is a testament to Allstaters’ long-standing generosity with our community partners.

In 2019, The Allstate Foundation Giving Campaign raised a total of $7.2 million from Allstate employees, agency owners and staff. For every dollar donated by Allstaters, a 15-cent match is provided, and The Allstate Foundation contributes an additional 5 cents to local United Way organizations. In 2019, Giving Campaign donations were distributed to more than 9,200 nonprofit organizations across the country. Allstaters can also request a $1-for-$1 match on contributions made to higher education institutions, up to $5,000 per year.

The Allstate Foundation Giving Campaign

Allstate also supports local communities through an array of initiatives, including our hometown program, The Renewal Project, The Better Arguments Project, the Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program and Allstate Fellows.

Hometown Presence

Allstate’s hometown program places a special focus on philanthropy in our talent center locations to support youth empowerment. For more than 10 years and over $50 million invested, we have focused our efforts on the Chicago area, helping improve the odds for at-risk or acutely at-risk youth. In 2018, our hometown program expanded to Allstate’s talent center in Charlotte, North Carolina, and then in 2019 to Irving, Texas. In late 2020, the program will launch in Chandler, Arizona. Expanding existing programs yields social good, achieves business goals, demonstrates our values and builds trust in these new communities. Programs funded with Allstate’s corporate philanthropic dollars also support Allstate’s presence as a hometown leader and contribute to our strong brand legacy.

In 2019, for the fifth year, we focused on programs and partnerships that empower youth by improving their social emotional learning skills. We seek to address both the causes and the effects of poor SEL skills and inequality by providing intellectual and human capital to build capacity and leadership rather than simply providing funding. For example, taking positions on the boards of the nonprofits we fund and supplying skilled volunteers to those organizations allows us to better understand and attempt to eliminate the structural causes of poor SEL skills among Chicago’s at-risk and acutely at-risk youths.

Our focus is on programs that help youth increase self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. Our program is built on:

  • a deep commitment to developing the qualities that turn at-risk youth into empowered youth, guided by the skills identified in by leading experts in the field.
  • strong partnerships with the local communities’ most trusted institutions to create reliable programming and direct access to youth who can benefit most from our support.
  • a focus on measurable results that we deliver in partnership with our grantees

Allstate’s innovative and strategic funding of 150 grants/sponsorships to organizations serving Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas/Irving and soon Chandler/Phoenix makes a positive difference in youths’ lives. The outcomes reported by our nonprofit partners confirm that our portfolio of programs has laid the groundwork for more engaged students and generated new opportunities for at-risk youth across these cities.

Youth Participants

The Renewal Project

As a network of 10,000 small businesses in communities across the country, Allstate knows that good ideas start at the local level. Individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations are finding creative solutions to the most pressing social and economic challenges. We believe that communities have the power to create their own renewal. Through the Renewal Awards and, Allstate supports civic innovation and grassroots action. We are determined to find and tell the stories of individuals and organizations who are solving problems in their communities.

The Renewal Project shares the stories of the problem solvers behind that renewal, because we know that a good idea in Charlotte could inspire a great idea in Albuquerque – and vice versa. It is our hope that more and more people will inspire one another to take action and work together to strengthen their communities.

The Better Arguments Project

The Better Arguments Project is a new national civic initiative created to help bridge ideological divides by teaching Americans how to have better arguments. We believe that equipping communities to have arguments rooted in history and best practices of constructive communication will make the country healthier. The Better Arguments Project is a partnership among Allstate, the Aspen Institute, and Facing History and Ourselves.

Looking Ahead

Through The Allstate Foundation, we envision resilient communities that empower, educate and inspire individuals to bring about positive change. With that in mind, we continue to evolve and modernize our work to help accelerate social impact by empowering and educating the most vulnerable, inspiring today’s visionaries and promoting community leadership.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, The Allstate Foundation contributed $5 million to accelerate relief and recovery for domestic violence victims, youth in need, first responders and communities at large. For example, we donated $1 million in support of first responders, and agencies donated N95 masks from catastrophe preparedness kits to frontline workers. We’re also empowering Allstaters to help address the increased needs of communities by offering virtual volunteer opportunities, increasing The Allstate Foundation match to 100% (up to $500 per person per year) and making the Allstate Fellows program fully virtual. Further, to address the increased risk of domestic violence during this time, we pledged $500,000 to the National Network to End Domestic Violence for micro-grants benefiting more than 100 local domestic violence organizations. We also provided funding to quickly assist the National Domestic Violence Hotline and National Runaway Safeline.

In 2020, we announced that we will add equity as a focus area for the Foundation, building on our success in empowering youth and helping victims of domestic violence. Through our efforts, we will work to accelerate equity and help drive systemic change.