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Allstate Northern Ireland launches new partnership with Women’s Aid

Incidents of domestic violence in Northern Ireland reached an all-time high in 2020, worsened by the COVID-19 lockdowns. Unfortunately, the abuse hasn’t subsided. In March 2021, Allstate Northern Ireland (ANI) entered a three-year partnership with Women's Aid, the lead voluntary organization addressing domestic and sexual violence in Northern Ireland. The partnership will help eliminate domestic violence by providing technical support, fundraising initiatives and leadership mentoring services.

"Partnering with Allstate NI marks a step forward in our campaign to integrate the corporate world into the movement toward a safer and more equal society for women," said Sarah Mason, CEO of Women's Aid Federation NI. "Collaborating with business is essential to promote the position of women in society and challenge the underlying causes of domestic abuse through training and mentoring."

Women’s Aid believes abuse against women is a direct result of their unequal position in business and across all levels of society. ANI employees will contribute their time and expertise to raise awareness of gender bias and make progress toward a more equitable world.  In the months ahead, ANI will also extend corporate learning and development opportunities and mentorship programs to domestic violence survivors.

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