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Allstate’s warehouse investment leads to economic impacts on Chicago’s South Side

Allstate is committed to sustainable business practices, which extends to our $94 billion investment portfolio. In 2019, Allstate and Ryan Companies partnered with the Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives at Pullman Park to finance a 400,000 square foot warehouse. Pullman is a State of Illinois designated Opportunity Zone, which is identified by its above average unemployment and poverty rates and below average median family incomes. This warehouse is now leased by a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products, employing more than 250 people on Chicago’s South Side.

Allstate has a Responsible Investment Policy, which applies across all asset classes in our portfolio. As of December 31, 2020, Allstate had about $8.7 billion invested in specific socially responsible designated categories. These include investments in affordable housing in Puerto Rico and more recently in Greenskies, a leading developer of commercial and industrial solar-power facilities.

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