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Providing Opportunities for Veterans

Allstate recognizes the value of a military background. Military experience cultivates skills which are also necessary to succeed as an Allstate agent — such as leadership, teamwork and integrity. Veterans offer an invaluable set of skills and unique experiences to an employer and are a unique fit for Allstate’s small business opportunities. Veterans, like Allstate agency owners, have dedicated their lives to protecting people and families.

It can be quite a shock separating from the military and re-entering civilian life. At Allstate, we get it, and veterans are noticing. For example, veterans oftentimes struggle to convey through their resumes how their skills can translate to a civilian enterprise. There are things about their experience that a civilian hiring manager may find difficult to understand. Allstate specialists work hand-in-hand with hiring managers to improve our hiring of veterans. We partner with organizations dedicated to finding gainful employment for veterans, including Soldier for Life, Veterans Job Mission, Joining Forces for Good and Hiring Our Heroes. These partnerships continue to expand Allstate’s reputation as a good place for veterans and members of the military to work.