Our commitment to leadership in local communities is core to Allstate’s business; it makes our business stronger and helps us deliver on the goal to create prosperity for all our stakeholders. Allstate’s involvement in local communities generates value for our neighbors. Allstate and The Allstate Foundation’s charitable grants and philanthropic activities help foster a culture of caring and build on our 88-year legacy of helping people.

Our community programs offer Allstate employees, agency owners and financial specialists fulfilling opportunities to give back, find their passion and get involved with organizations that address causes most important to them. In fact, our work to help communities is part of what attracts, develops and engages top talent. In turn, our dedicated and passionate workforce helps build our reputation in communities across the country. We empower agency owners by offering them a rewarding opportunity to own a small business and providing support to help them succeed as trusted neighborhood leaders.

Agency Owners and Small Business

Our presence in areas where we live and work is elevated through the efforts of more than 11,800 agency owners and financial specialists, plus a broad network of Allstate independent agents. Our efforts to create and grow small businesses are central to the success of Allstate, and we are proud to offer entrepreneurs one of the most rewarding small-business opportunities in the country. Our agency owners and financial specialists are part of the fabric of their communities. Allstate agency owners are trusted advisors for their neighbors who seek out Allstate in times of need and uncertainty because of the local perspective, expertise and leadership that differentiate us from our competitors. Those who choose Allstate share a purpose: to help prepare and protect customers from life’s uncertainties.

Allstate agency owners recognize the unique benefit Allstate offers: They own equity in their book of business and can sell their economic interest to an approved buyer. Allstate agency owners also have the backing and support of an 88-year-old company with one of the most recognized brands in the U.S. To help our agency owners thrive in today’s market, we provide knowledge, skills, tools and a credible brand reputation.

  • Staffing – We offer agency owners a wide range of programs and resources to support them in attracting, retaining and developing employees. In 2017, we introduced an opportunity that will enable agency owners to offer their employees benefits. This option, in addition to effective agency staff recruiting materials and staff award and recognition programs, increases the appeal of working at an Allstate agency and makes recruiting employees easier for our agency owners.
  • Field Sales Leaders – Each agency owner and financial specialist receives one-on-one support from a local, dedicated consultant who can help them build a successful agency or financial practice.
  • Dedicated teams – The Allstate Customer Contact Centers serve as an extension of our agency locations and are available to provide customer assistance 24/7. Claims advocates are also available to agency owners so they can help customers through the process. Innovations in our claims process enhance an agency owner’s ability to provide tailored, timely assistance to Allstate customers.
  • Ongoing education – Our best-in-class education tools and resources help agency owners and financial specialists understand the products and services they offer customers. We also support them as small-business owners through programs like virtual mentorships, best-practice sharing and interactive workshops. Over 90% of our education is done virtually, with satisfaction levels above 90%.
  • Marketing/advertising – Agency owners can count on the support of Allstate’s multimillion-dollar national advertising campaigns to raise consumer awareness of the products and services Allstate provides. They also have access to customizable local marketing and advertising materials including brochures, mailers and emails, as well as a personalized web page and social media sites.
  • Branding – We offer a variety of ways to help agency owners establish their brand locally, from signs to furnishings to interior design experience. This enhances the customer experience and presents agencies in a professional manner.

Agency Relationship Survey

Because agency owners are independent contractors who run their own businesses, they are not included in our annual employee engagement survey. Instead, we conduct an annual Agency Relationship Survey each fall that offers insight into the engagement, satisfaction, challenges and concerns of agency owners, financial specialists and independent agents. It identifies opportunities to build or amplify Allstate’s relationship with its agency force.

In the 2018 Agency Relationship Survey, we found that 91% of agency owners are proud to represent Allstate (up from 88% in 2017).

Agency Relationship Survey: percent “proud to represent Allstate”

Small Businesses

We believe supporting small-business ownership boosts prosperity in our communities, and we look beyond our network of Allstate agency owners to aid other small businesses nationwide. This positions Allstate to better understand and support the needs of all small businesses.

Allstate is among six of the nation’s most recognized brands that partnered to form Small Business Connection, an open access web portal with valuable information and thought leadership to help small-business owners. It provides insurance, legal, financial, technology, employee benefits and online marketing advice in one place.