Corporate philanthropic support from Allstate, funds directed from The Allstate Foundation and donations from employees, agency owners and agency staff make a difference in communities around the country, including our hometown of Chicago.

In Partnership with The Allstate Foundation

In 2018, Allstate corporate support and foundation funding combined to contribute $41.2 million to communities. While the majority of Allstate community contributions come from The Allstate Foundation, additional funds directed from the corporation pay for a significant part of the work Allstate supports in communities.

In partnership with the Foundation, Allstate’s corporate dollars support our hometown giving program, the Helping Hands employee volunteer program, the Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program, plus the Renewal Project and the Better Arguments Project.

The Renewal Project

Across the United States, individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations are finding creative solutions to the country’s most pressing social and economic challenges. Through the Renewal Awards and, Allstate showcases and chronicles this surge of civic innovation and grassroots action. We are determined to find and tell the stories of pragmatic problem-solvers wherever they are – local government, nonprofit groups, small businesses, neighborhoods or individuals. By doing so, we celebrate and inspire a renewed sense of community, resilience and ingenuity across America.

Better Arguments Project

The Better Arguments Project is a new national civic initiative created to help bridge ideological divides by teaching Americans how to have better arguments. We believe the more we can equip communities to have arguments rooted both in history and in best practices of constructive communication, the healthier our country will be. The Better Arguments Project is a partnership among Allstate, the Aspen Institute and Facing History and Ourselves.

Giving by Allstate and The Allstate Foundation

Annual Giving Campaign

Since 1997, the campaign has raised $120 million for thousands of nonprofit organizations across the country. The Allstate Giving Campaign is a testament to Allstaters’ long-standing generosity with our community partners.

The 2018 Allstate Giving Campaign raised a total of $6.4 million from Allstate employees, agency owners and staff. For every dollar donated by Allstaters, the company provided a 15-cent match and contributed an additional 5 cents to local United Way organizations. In 2018, Giving Campaign donations were distributed to more than 8,700 nonprofit organizations across the country.

Annual Giving Campaign

The Allstate Foundation Programs

Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the country, The Allstate Foundation works to create prosperous communities where people are inspired and empowered to fulfill their hopes and dreams by empowering youth, ending domestic violence, strengthening nonprofit leaders and transforming communities.

Established in 1952, The Allstate Foundation is an independent charitable organization made possible by subsidiaries of The Allstate Corporation. The Allstate Foundation is fully funded by donations from Allstate. It invests both nationally and in the local communities where we live and work.

The Allstate Foundation is led by an independent Board of Trustees. They are responsible for setting the foundation’s strategic direction, including determining desired outcomes, approving the annual budget and reviewing the results. Foundation programming and oversight of grants exceeding $50,001 are the responsibility of the Grant Committee, made up of a cross-section of vice presidents and senior vice presidents from Allstate. Foundation staff supports day-to-day program activities and grant-making.

The Allstate Foundation focuses its support on key issues enabling us to drive social change:

  • Good Starts Young – Inspires young leaders to gain social and emotional skills and engage in service
  • Purple Purse – Breaks the cycle of domestic violence through financial education and empowerment
  • Helping Hands Grants – Support Allstate employees and agency force members who volunteer with local nonprofits through funding for the organizations
  • Nonprofit Leadership Center – Ensures nonprofits fulfill their vital missions by providing free leadership development training available to all nonprofit leaders

In previous years, we engaged a third party for internal and external stakeholder engagement, which identified Purple Purse and Good Starts Young as funding priorities for The Allstate Foundation. We asked diverse groups of consumers, agency owners and employees for their perspectives on the social benefits that Allstate is uniquely positioned to deliver and that would have the greatest impact. It is important that our social impact programs address true community needs and fit within Allstate’s brand value proposition.

In 2019, we hope to drive awareness of The Allstate Foundation as a leading corporate foundation with additional focus on generating public awareness of its thought leadership. We consolidated our program social media handles into @AllstateFDN channels to leverage the full weight of our presence and promotion. We look forward to continuing our strategic partnerships with social impact organizations that enable us to show our leadership addressing important issues.

Good Starts Young: Youth Empowerment

The Allstate Foundation’s focus on youth began with an aggressive effort to combat teen deaths in car crashes. For 10 years, we worked to protect teens through education programs, backing legislation and funding awareness campaigns. By 2015, the rate of teen deaths in car crashes fell 50%, and we shifted our priorities to address other emerging issues for young people in our communities.

Today, Good Starts Young is about preparing youth for the future. We empower systemic improvements, rather than short-term fixes. Research shows that social and emotional learning (SEL) skills are a better predictor of success than academic ability alone, and that increasing these skills results in both immediate and long-term improvements in academic achievement. We are dedicated to increasing access to programs that build SEL skills, especially for at-risk youth.

Based on recommendations from education experts, we will enable delivery of SEL programming to 14 million young people by 2022. We combine direct service support, thought leadership and public awareness tactics to reach our goals.

In 2018, we launched a five-year, $45 million national campaign to raise awareness of the need for social and emotional learning. We reached 3.5 million viewers through the ABC TV network and online streaming of the “WE Day Special.” The broadcast amplified CEO Tom Wilson’s and the Foundation’s youth empowerment message.

As part of our thought leadership strategy, we also commissioned a national report on social and emotional learning. “Respected: Perspectives of Youth on High School & Social and Emotional Learning” was released on Nov. 29, 2018, in conjunction with the Washington Post live event “Education in America,” a multiplatform campaign targeting Washington policymakers, education administrators and parents.

Hometown Presence
We place a special focus on philanthropy to support youth empowerment in our hometown of Chicago. Our hometown giving plan helps improve the odds of a prosperous life for at-risk youth in our communities. Programs funded with Allstate’s corporate philanthropic dollars also support Allstate’s presence as a hometown leader and contribute to our strong brand legacy.

In 2019, for the fifth year, we focused primarily on programs and partnerships that empower youth by improving their social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. We seek to address both the causes and the effects of poor SEL skills and inequality by providing intellectual and human capital to build capacity and leadership rather than simply providing funding. For example, taking positions on the boards of the nonprofits we fund and supplying skilled volunteers to those organizations allows us to better understand and attempt to eliminate the structural causes of poor SEL skills among Chicago’s at-risk and acutely at-risk youths.

Our focus is on programs that help youth increase self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

  • Our program is built on a deep commitment to building the qualities that turn at-risk youth into empowered youth, guided by the skills identified in the CASEL Report.
  • Our strong partnerships with Chicago’s most trusted institutions create reliable programming and direct access to youth who can benefit most from our support.
  • Our focus on measurable results serves our grantees and their youth clients; it also helps build on Allstate’s venerable reputation as a recognized leader driving change in our hometown.
  • Our nonprofit partners to date confirm that our portfolio of programs has yielded more engaged students and generated new opportunities for at-risk youth across the city.

Our hometown giving has expanded to Allstate’s talent centers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Irving, Texas, with plans to bring the program to Chandler, Arizona, soon. Expanding existing programs yields social good, achieves business goals, demonstrate our values and builds trust in these new communities.

Allstate’s innovative and strategic funding of 150 grants/sponsorships to organizations serving Chicago, Charlotte and Dallas/Irving youth makes a positive difference in their lives. The outcomes reported by our nonprofit partners confirm that our portfolio of programs has laid the groundwork for more engaged students and generated new opportunities for at-risk youth across these cities.

Agency Owners Engaged


Media Impressions

Purple Purse: Empowering Survivors of Domestic Violence

The Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse program is the longest-running national campaign focused on ending domestic violence through a proven solution: financial empowerment of survivors. We were one of the first major corporations to address domestic violence and to focus on the role of financial abuse. Our work brings financial abuse out of the shadows and uses financial empowerment to break the cycle of domestic violence. While most people think only of physical abuse when they consider domestic violence, financial abuse occurs in 99% of all cases. It’s an invisible weapon that keeps victims trapped in abusive relationships.

Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $66 million toward ending domestic violence and financial abuse and helped empower more than 1.7 million survivors on the path to safety and security. Purple Purse incorporates all our domestic violence programs, including direct service support, thought leadership, and public awareness and engagement activities.

In 2018, we involved nearly 8.2 million people in our campaign, 24% more than the previous year. This increase reflects the compelling touchpoints of a new campaign that encouraged people to learn more about domestic violence, financial abuse and how they can help.

In October we reached a milestone, surpassing $10 million raised for local domestic violence nonprofits across the country since the Purple Purse Challenge — our annual nonprofit fundraising competition — was launched in 2014. We also recruited nearly 300 nonprofits to participate in the 2018 Purple Purse Challenge. This 33% increase over 2017 enabled us to enlarge our network and provide resources to more communities.

Media coverage in 2018 generated more than 3 billion earned media impressions and delivered a message primarily about financial abuse, economic empowerment and The Allstate Foundation. We attribute the 50% growth over 2017 to our “Overshare the Invisible” mural campaign and partnership with Purple Purse ambassador Serena Williams.

We also saw record participation rates for employee and agency owner sweepstakes, and the percent of agency owners and employees aware of Allstate’s involvement in domestic violence increased from 2017.

The Purple Purse Challenge

Nonprofit Leadership

Nonprofits provide crucial, often lifesaving services that make our communities stronger, safer and more vibrant. The Allstate Foundation is committed to strategically strengthening the nonprofit sector to build more prosperous communities for all. We support nonprofits with two flagship initiatives: nonprofit leadership development and Allstate’s participation in the Impact Genome Project.

Since 2014, the Foundation has partnered with Northwestern University’s Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management to improve the quality of nonprofit leadership. Every year, about 30 outstanding nonprofit leaders from throughout the nation come to Northwestern for three academic sessions, professional coaching, mentoring and other development opportunities. More than 3,000 leaders have developed their competencies through the program, formerly known as Greater Good. Surveys show participants continue to thrive in their positions, taking on new responsibilities and sharing their knowledge with co‐workers and personal networks.

The Impact Genome Project (IGP) helps nonprofits by reducing the burden of filing unique outcomes reports for each funder while also collecting key data points to evaluate program effectiveness. Ultimately, IGP should help nonprofits and funders drive real, sustainable social change through investments in programs designed to deliver the most meaningful impact.

In 2018, the Greater Good program evolved into The Allstate Foundation Nonprofit Leadership Center, featuring the ongoing, in-person Executive Leadership Program along with new online courses. Our program now offers free world‐class online learning open to every nonprofit in the nation.

We became an early adopter of the IGP’s efforts to standardize metrics and reporting in the nonprofit sector and required our 200 Allstate Foundation and AIC grant recipients to provide their 2018 year-end reports using IGP format. Preliminary results indicate our nonprofit partners report lower costs per outcomes than other industrywide grants evaluated through the IGP.

Metric 2018
Nonprofit Leadership Center participants 2,063
% Major grant recipients reporting with IGP 99%