A Summary of Allstate's Innovation Approach to Claims Product Development

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Claims & Product Innovation

When we continuously improve our customer experience, our business thrives, and we enable our customers to live a good life.

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We are taking bold actions to transform the customer experience during the claims process, setting a new standard for faster and easier claim handling, while maintaining quality and accuracy. At Allstate, we help protect customers from life’s uncertainties and prepare them for the future.

By innovating, we ensure our business successfully maneuvers the rapid industry transitions due to advances in information technology. By accurately and efficiently assessing and managing claims, we continue to be a force for good and maintain the trust of our valued customers.


Innovation in design, production, and management of goods and services, including new and disruptive competitive service offerings.


When we continuously improve our customer experience, our business thrives and we enable our customers to live a good life.


Ryan Campbell and Mark Slusar

By connecting the worlds of big data and innovation, the team created a new strategy called Home IQ to help homeowners better maintain their homes and understand the associated risks.

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Our industry continues to change rapidly; customers increasingly expect quick, seamless, digital interactions. Those expectations are framed not only by their expectations of insurance, but by all their other service interactions. Our claims mission has always been to restore customers’ lives to normal after the unexpected happens by delivering compassionate service that is fast, fair and easy.

Digital Transformation

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Allstate is committed to creating a truly differentiated claims experience by leading our industry in digital transformation. We are taking bold actions to transform the customer experience during the claims process, setting a new standard for faster and easier claim handling, while maintaining quality and accuracy.

As part of our digital transformation, we are modernizing our operating model to follow the pillars of Design, Perform, Measure—designing the technology and processes to achieve our goals, performing those processes with that technology consistently across all locations and measuring our outcomes to provide feedback and make adjustments where needed.

We are working to take advantage of emerging technologies and advanced data and analytics capabilities to better meet the needs of customers and make us more efficient.

QuickFoto Claim®

QuickFoto Claim®—a feature within our free, user-friendly Allstate Mobile app—is revolutionizing our claims model for cars that have been in an incident but are still driveable. The app allows customers to take photos of their car’s damage and submit them directly to our team of highly trained auto technicians who can remotely calculate the estimated damage amount. There is no need to schedule an appointment or take the car in for a physical inspection.

Customers usually receive their estimate in a matter of hours compared to five days with our traditional process.

In 2013, we were first to market with QuickFoto Claim®, but the technology was initially underutilized. Throughout 2016, we encouraged use of QuickFoto Claim® through targeted efforts in California and Texas, along with additional support resources for agencies, like a toolkit and webinars. We continue to expand the user base through 2017. As a result of increased adoption, we will be able to consolidate more than 800 drive-in claims locations across the country, reducing our environmental footprint, while maintaining our quality and improving our customer experience. We have opened two Digital Operating Centers in Dallas and Charlotte, with more than 400 employees between the two locations, to take on the additional remote estimating work. In 2017, we hope to dramatically expand virtual estimating capabilities to include claims on non-drivable cars and submission of livestream video.

QuickCard Pay

Allstate now offers one of the fastest payment methods in the industry. Allstate’s market-leading QuickCard Pay provides a nearly instantaneous payment to customers and claimants anytime, anywhere in the U.S. Instead of waiting up to a week to receive a check in the mail, or a few days with Fast Mobile e-Pay, Allstate can now send customers a claim payment in real time. All they need is a debit card and an email address to have nearly immediate access to funds through virtually any bank account with a linked U.S. debit card.

Customer Smart Videos

At Allstate, it is our responsibility to make sure our customers fully understand the claim process and all pertinent information specific to their claims. Throughout the claim process, we will send them video tutorials customized to their specific situations, explaining where they are in the process and the next steps to be taken. It will include all the key information they need, including the claim number and the representative assigned to the claim.

MyClaim Center

Customers have 24/7 access to claim information from any device through MyClaim Center, a new interface within MyAccount and the Allstate Mobile app. Using MyClaim, customers can check their claim status, obtain details about or schedule inspections and access information about coverage, deductibles, rental reservations, digital payments and more.

Aerial Imaging

Allstate has been one of the leaders of aerial imaging research. Aerial imagery taken by drones, piloted airplanes or satellites is innovative technology that we use to better meet the needs of our customers. For example, drones can capture higher resolution images, which means an adjuster can look at photographs and zoom in to great detail. We can now use aerial imagery to assist in property inspections to deliver a faster, more modernized claim experience.


Through ongoing, diligent monitoring of the evolving environment, consumer expectations and market conditions, we are dedicated to ensuring we have products and experiences that meet customer needs.

Product Innovation


Telematics technology allows insurers to monitor driving habits through a device or app. With Drivewise®—Allstate’s telematics program available in 49 states plus D.C.—Allstate was the first major U.S. insurer to bring to market a mobile app through which we provide customers insights into their driving behaviors to promote safe driving and reward those customers that demonstrate safe driving behaviors.


Pay-per-mile insurance is a new kind of auto insurance that is based on the miles a customer drives. Consumers today are accustomed to personalized products or services in which they have more control over cost and usage. To keep Allstate ahead of this consumer trend, Allstate’s pay-per-mile auto insurance is currently in a market test in Texas and Oregon, giving customers more control over their auto insurance rate.

Ride for Hire® and Host Advantage™

With rapid growth of consumers who use their personal cars and homes to participate in the sharing economy, Allstate moved quickly to provide customers with coverage options that address their needs related to the sharing economy:

  • Ride for Hire® provides Allstate customers driving for transportation network companies, like Uber and Lyft, an optional endorsement to help fill the gap between their personal auto policy coverage and what’s provided by the TNC’s commercial policy.
  • Host Advantage™ provides Allstate customers renting out their homes on sites like Airbnb and HomeAway coverage options to help with their personal property protection gaps.