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Organizational Culture

At Allstate, we believe that when your passion fuels your purpose, you can achieve anything. Our six Leadership Principles apply to every employee and form the basis for all performance and development conversations. We expect all employees to be leaders and dedicate extensive resources to developing leaders at all levels.


We define culture as a self-sustaining system of shared values, principles and priorities that drives positive behavior and influences decision-making within an organization. In 2019, company culture was elevated to one of six key risk categories overseen by the Allstate Board of Directors. Through work across our operations, our Human Resources team ensures a strong commitment to our culture through the growth and development of our talent.

Our employee development programs are evaluated using key reporting measures looking at behaviors, skills and mindsets, and impact on the business. Some programs are available to all employees, while others are for select audiences. Regardless of their role, all employees have a wealth of resources at their disposal.

Policies and Procedures

Leadership Principles

Allstate has six Leadership Principles, developed with input from Allstaters. They define our culture and drive our business results. These principles are embedded in talent recruitment, management and development. We strive for our employees to align their personal purpose with the Leadership Principles, and that brings Our Shared Purpose to life.

  • We’re here to serve. We are here to serve and we care – a lot. It’s at the heart of everything we do here at Allstate. We make a conscious choice to lead by serving our customers, communities and each other.
  • We win together. We expect to win. When we work toward the same mission, leverage each other’s unique strengths and focus on what’s best for our business, we win. Leaders think broadly about the impact of decisions and inspire others to action. We are a part of the Allstate team – and know when to lead and when to follow. Taking time to help other areas of the company makes us all better. We are one team – one Allstate. Hierarchy has no place at Allstate. Everybody is a leader.
  • We drive results. We are dedicated to getting the right things done well and quickly. That takes ownership and focus on the things that will have the greatest impact. We are willing to make the tough calls and move forward.
  • We’re transparent. We openly discuss the rationale for our decisions. We know that being authentic, ethical and empathetic in all of our interactions will pave the way for transparency and trust in our decisions. We value and encourage calculated risk-taking and learn from our successes and mistakes.
  • We continuously get better. We start by asking, “Why?” We are always looking for ways to continuously improve. We are externally aware and aren’t afraid to speak up, try new things and challenge the status quo. The best teams are open to possibilities. We seek out perspectives different than our own, so we can make smart decisions quickly. This is how we learn, grow and succeed.
  • We develop each other. Leaders are continuously growing and learning, both personally and professionally. We challenge and stretch ourselves. We take seriously our role in coaching others regardless of levels. Critical conversations help us grow, achieve our potential and perform better. We develop future leaders for the organization.

Programs and Performance

Career Management

Each employee receives an annual performance review, with additional performance conversations taking place throughout the year. During these formal and informal check-ins, the employee and manager discuss goals, long-term career development and share two-way feedback. Weekly check-ins are designed to guide employees on a more day-to-day basis and discuss how the employee is working to advance their performance goals.

Continued Learning

Allstate invests in training opportunities for our employees so they can be successful throughout their careers. Allstate’s integrated talent management system contains modules for:

  • Attracting and hiring new employees
  • Promoting internal advancement of current employees
  • Registering for learning opportunities such as webinars, seminars and classroom training
  • Receiving comprehensive feedback from managers, peers and teams

In addition to the modules related to career development, we offer an online portal with tools and resources to help employees set career goals. We have modules that help employees identify their strengths and opportunities, grow their networks, develop their résumés, and initiate career-related conversations with managers and peers across the company.

We also offer enterprise-wide access to Pluralsight technical skills training, via an online course library and online books. This training opportunity covers topics such as Agile, Scrum, Java, VMware, Mobile Web and ITIL practices. Additionally, employees have access to edX courses from leading institutions and professors to help develop critical business skills needed for the future of work. This includes coursework on data analysis, business management and change agility.

In 2019, Allstate held quarterly Skill Builders series for leadership and a Global Learning Week for employees. These sessions support Allstate Enterprise Learning’s mission to partner with the AORs and Allstate Business Learning teams to create consistent, scalable learning programs and platforms that empower employees to learn anywhere, anytime. Learning sessions for both programs covered five critical skills (change agility, product mindset, experimental mindset, customer focus and design thinking) for our employees’ futures, improving employability inside and outside of Allstate.

More than 1,600 leaders attended Skill Builders, and more than 6,100 employees participated in Global Learning Week. We received positive feedback from participants. 72% of leaders planned to use more than half of their learning from the Skill Builders sessions on the job. 81% of Global Learning Week participants told us they gained knowledge or skills that would help them be more successful.

Metric 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
# of completed courses 272,581 326,439 279,843 367,837 451,491
# of unique learners 39,327 40,956 41,934 44,268 37,241
# of hours of learning 622,031 436,993 348,370 465,749 389,918

In addition to our integrated talent management system, we are working with our Strategic Workforce Planning team to provide employability and upskilling resources for employees based on the future needs of our business and the marketplace.

Tuition Reimbursement

Allstate offers tuition reimbursement to employees for a college degree, an advanced degree or an additional degree. All active full-time and part-time employees may apply, and course or degree eligibility is job-related and Allstate career path-related. We offer up to $5,250 per employee per year.

Metric 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
# of participating employees 957 1,181 1,064 937 1,176
$ tuition reimbursement paid $3.3M $3.5M $3.7M $3.6M $3.7M

Enterprise Talent Market and Talent Share

With 45,780 full-time and 510 part-time global employees at Allstate, there is no better place to begin the hiring process than within our organization. Our Enterprise Talent Market philosophy and Talent Share programs support employees’ internal advancement. When a position opens in any department across the company, Allstate employees can apply for the position.

Metric 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
% internal placement rate 43% 33% 43% 43% 43%

Department-Specific Development

While companywide training is important to creating a unified culture and promoting general expertise, we also promote department-specific expertise. Here are a few examples:

  • Our Life and Retirement Distribution department offers development workshops that include activities such as peer networking, compensation transparency, a book club focused on leadership, and workshops that increase awareness and understanding of other business units.
  • Allstate’s Claims department uses a state-of-the-art Learning Lab to help new Claims employees gain interactive experience to make sure they are equipped to complete job responsibilities. Our custom simulation trains employees in the 10 most common auto and property inquiries. This multistep program culminates in a live interactive role-play in which the learner will listen, respond and type while working through a customer scenario. Since this is cloud-based, the simulation can occur anywhere across Allstate’s geographic footprint.

Live and On-Demand Seminars

In addition to formal training, Allstate provides employees with a variety of in-house learning and development – live and streaming – throughout the year.

  • The Good Work Series celebrates the Good Work pillar of our Employee Value Proposition and focuses on nurturing an inspiring workplace culture.
  • Good Work Week is an annual themed event that renews our commitment to the Good Work Series. Internal and external speakers help employees connect their work to the company’s purpose and business results.
  • Leaders as Teachers provides internal perspectives from Allstate executives on leadership and other topics pertinent to our business strategy.
  • Thought Leader Forum introduces an external point of view on business and leadership to accelerate development.
  • Quarterly Skill Builders series help provide leaders with tools and resources to continuously develop their teams on crucial skills for the future of work.
  • Global Learning Week promotes a culture of learning and empowers employees to learn new skills with perspectives from industry experts, Allstate leaders and their peers.

Effective Conversations

The Effective Conversations course is open to all employees, and takes participants through a three-step model for performance, career development and engagement conversations. The course enables employees to have more effective conversations with peers, direct reports and managers.

Metric 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Inspire survey results: “At Allstate, I have the resources that I need to develop my professional skills and actively manage my career” 78% 79% 80% 80% 80%
Inspire survey results: “I am empowered to pursue development opportunities” N/A N/A 79% 81% 87%

Note: In 2019, the second question was phrased: “My immediate manager actively provides encouragement and time for me to participate in development opportunities.”

Targeted Leadership Development

We offer additional support to employees we identify as being part of top talent within the company to ensure successful transitions as their responsibilities increase, such as when they are newly promoted into management roles. Top talent programs include Power of MInD and external mentoring programs.

The Power of Mentoring for Inclusive Diversity (MInD)
In 2019, we relaunched our Power of Five program as MInD. This program is designed to continue developing high-potential and high-performing diverse talent and foster sponsorship relationships between senior leaders and participants through a structured mentoring program. Participants take part in 1:1s, mentoring circles, and a program conference, as well as a potential job shadowing capstone experience for selected participants. We also integrated the program with existing development conversations and opportunities such as Skill Builders, Employee Resource Groups and Global Learning Week.

With the rebranding in 2019, we added:

  • Cohorts for minority men
  • Updated guides for mentors, mentees and leaders of mentees
  • Resource library of planning activities, monthly toolkits and focus on skills needed for future success
  • Capstone job shadowing experience for nominated mentees

External Mentoring Programs

  • Women Unlimited/IMpower – A six-month management development program for women that includes monthly workshops, group mentoring, ongoing peer coaching and exposure to leading experts in a variety of corporate specialties. The program is intended for new managers – of people, of projects and/or of processes. It’s aimed at developing critical management competencies, including performance management, business acumen, and key networks and alliances.
  • Women Unlimited/LEAD – A 12-month leadership development program that includes: eight in-person workshops; three virtual sessions; on-the-job assignments; one-on-one and team mentoring by leading corporate executives; individual development planning; and networking and team-building exercises. The program is intended for midlevel female managers on the leadership track. Geared toward developing stronger strategic skills in emotional intelligence, leadership presence, influence and the priorities of leaders vs. managers.
  • Menttium/Momentum – A 12-month program consisting of one-on-one mentoring; access to business, professional and leadership education; and peer networking opportunities for professionals of color with at least three years of experience. Topics include: problem-solving, goal-setting, mentoring and perspective on corporate life and its universal opportunities and challenges, etc.
  • Everwise Talent – A 12-month professional development program that includes a six-month, one-on-one formal mentoring partnership; in-person networking events and skill-building workshops; access to their software learning engine (providing content that is relevant to individual professional goals and needs); and a personal “career concierge” to help navigate available development options.
  • Everwise Women – A 12-month professional development program that includes a six-month, one-on-one formal mentoring partnership; in-person networking events and skill-building workshops; facilitated peer groups; access to their software platform providing resources curated to individual goals and needs; and a personal ”career concierge” to help navigate the development experience.
  • Impact Emerging Leaders – Designed to prepare employees for their first managerial role.
  • Impact Leading Others – Designed to prepare managers for future senior leader roles.

Employee Development

  • Strategic Workforce Planning – This team within our Human Resources organization is evaluating the skills, number and location of workers we need to succeed. Our initiatives include reskilling workers who have responsibilities that may not be needed in the future and upskilling workers who can advance beyond their current skills.
  • Leader Effectiveness-First Level – Designed to develop newly promoted or newly hired leaders, Allstate’s LE-FL program follows a tiered approach to provide additional training to new leaders as they acclimate to their roles. In the first 90 days, Tier One presents foundational training through video, eLearning, microlearning and job aids. Over the rest of the employee’s first year in leadership, Tier Two incorporates the New Leader Development Studio, described below, as well as the half-day and in-person Leveraging Inclusive Diversity program and other topics delivered through eLearning. This program was sunset August 2019 and is being replaced in 2020 with updated, on demand management and leadership essentials curriculum.
  • New Leader Development Studio – NLDS targets new leaders who are assuming direct reporting responsibilities for the first time at Allstate. Apart from covering the administrative functions associated with leading a team, NLDS focuses on developing the self-awareness crucial to effective and inspiring leadership, paying special attention to the ability of new leaders to drive results.

Talent Pipeline Programs

  • Executive Development Program – A three-year rotational leadership development program that recruits, selects and develops experienced and diverse general management MBA candidates and helps equip them for success and to potentially become future executives of Allstate. In 2019, EDP had 19 participants.
  • Leadership Development Program – Committed to continuously identifying and developing future leaders. We select recent college graduates with high potential and help equip them for successful futures as leaders at Allstate. In 2019, there were 92 active participants in LDP, in three cohorts.

Customer-Centric &
Responsible Products

Ensuring our products are accessible, competitively priced, and considerate of environmental and social impacts are essential components of our Transformative Growth Plan. We are dedicated to providing products and experiences that meet evolving customer expectations and needs, and market conditions.


Developing and providing products is a shared responsibility of multiple teams, including Product, Innovation, Marketing and Technology. Making our products more affordable enables stronger financial inclusion. Allstate’s efforts to promote financial inclusion lie at the intersection of business and social value — generating positive feedback and helping society. We challenge ourselves to create innovative products and services to meet customers’ needs and outperform the competition.

Policies and Procedures

Advancements in data collection, computing power and technology have enhanced our ability to refine pricing models to ensure we have competitive prices. Allstate agency owners and staff build personal relationships with each customer. They look to offer the best insurance solutions at the right price for each customer, balancing risks and costs. For auto insurance, we use information such as driving records, location and vehicle type to provide accurate and competitive prices. We base our homeowners insurance pricing on external factors such as historical weather patterns for the area, the cost of labor and building materials, the home’s age, and homeowner policy preferences such as deductible amount.

Allstate offers several ways to reduce customers’ premiums, including discounts for insuring both their car and home with Allstate, maintaining a safe driving record, and using Drivewise to reward and encourage safe driving behavior. Customers may also receive credit for installing safety features like smoke detectors and home security systems.

Pandemic Response

Given an unprecedented decline in driving due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided auto insurance customers a Shelter-In-Place Payback representing approximately $1 billion, with most customers receiving 15% of their monthly premium in April, May and June 2020. Since our lives have also become more digital, Allstate offered our Identity Protection product to U.S. residents, regardless of whether they are already Allstate customers for free for the remainder of 2020. To address the need to limit in-person contact when possible, we increased the utilization of virtual tools such as QuickFoto Claim® and Virtual Assist® to allow for a simple, fast and safe claims handling process for customers and our employees.

For customers seeking payment relief, we offer a special payment plan that allows auto and property insurance premium payments to be delayed for 60 days without penalty. Customers utilizing the special payment plan can also choose to pay what they can afford during the 60 day period, with no minimum payment required.

While people were sheltering in place under States of Emergency, we extended coverage to protect customers using their personal car or motorcycle to deliver food, medicine or other commercial goods, commercial activity which is typically excluded by standard personal auto policies.

Programs and Performance

Environmentally Responsible Products

As part of our strategy to mitigate climate change, we work to reduce our carbon footprint while helping customers reduce theirs. For example, we offer policyholders the Homeowners Policy Green Improvement Reimbursement Endorsement. If purchased, it allows a customer to replace damaged or destroyed appliances and equipment with more energy-efficient items and be reimbursed by Allstate for the additional cost.

The reimbursement applies to certain categories of Energy Star®-rated products such as: washers and refrigerators; computers and other electronics; heating and cooling equipment; and certain plumbing and building equipment. These products are designed more efficiently to save electricity or water, reducing a home’s environmental impact while lowering homeowners’ utility bills. Allstate offers the Homeowners Policy Green Improvement Reimbursement Endorsement in most states.

QuickFoto Claim®

QuickFoto Claim has revolutionized our claims model for vehicles that have damage but are still drivable. With this free, user-friendly app, a customer can take photos of a car’s damage and submit them directly to our team of highly trained auto technicians, who can remotely calculate the estimated damage.


Telematics is the science of collecting data through sensors in a vehicle, which enables us to redefine insurance. Drivewise uses telematics to personalize the auto experience and provide customers insights into their behavior to promote and reward safe driving. Drivewise is available in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Allstate was the first major U.S. insurer to bring to market a mobile app to collect data for a telematics-based insurance program.


Pay-per-mile coverage is an innovative kind of auto insurance based primarily on the miles a customer drives. Consumers today are accustomed to personalized products or services that give them more control over cost and usage, and we’re staying on top of this trend. Milewise, Allstate’s pay-per-mile auto insurance, is available in 14 states plus the District of Columbia and will expand into more states in the coming year. Milewise gives customers more control over their auto insurance costs with the same great coverage and claim service from Allstate.

Allstate Identity Protection

Allstate Identity Protection is reinventing privacy and identity protection by giving people the tools to see, control and protect their digital lives.


Avail is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that connects drivers and car owners, providing a protected car sharing experience conveniently located where people live, work and travel.


Arity is a mobility data and analytics company that turns billions of miles of driving data into predictive insights to make transportation safer and improve the accuracy of auto insurance pricing.

Ride for Hire® and HostAdvantage®

With the rapid growth of consumers using personal cars and homes to participate in the sharing economy, Allstate moved quickly to provide coverage options that address their needs:

  • Ride for Hire provides Allstate customers who drive for companies like Uber and Lyft an optional endorsement to help fill the gap between their personal auto policy coverage and what’s provided by the transportation network company’s commercial policy.
  • HostAdvantage provides Allstate customers who rent out their homes on sites like Airbnb and HomeAway coverage options to help with their personal property protection gaps.

Financial Capital

As companies work to be a force for good in society, shareholders must also earn a good return. Allstate produces excellent returns and proactively manages shareholders’ capital – while integrating social good into the business.

Our Approach

Allstate creates shareholder value by increasing customer satisfaction, growing its business and generating attractive returns on capital. This approach ensures we have sustainable profitability and a diversified business platform.


Allstate delivered excellent results in 2019 and achieved all five of its Operating Priorities: to better serve customers, grow our customer base, achieve target returns on capital, proactively manage our investments and build long-term growth platforms. We initiated a Transformative Growth Plan to increase market share in personal property-liability businesses and provide customers with a circle of protection beyond auto and homeowners insurance.

Excellent Results

Revenues reached $44.7 billion and net income totaled $4.7 billion due to strong operating results. Adjusted net income* was $3.5 billion for the year, substantially higher than the previous year, reflecting excellent underlying property-liability profitability and lower catastrophe losses.

Achieving Operating Priorities

The Net Promoter Score, which measures how likely customers are to recommend us, increased 3.1 points for the enterprise, with improvements in most businesses.

Accelerating the Transformative Growth Plan

Allstate’s Transformative Growth Plan will increase customer access, enhance customer value and enable the company to invest in technology and marketing.

What’s Next?

Guided by Our Shared Purpose, we will better serve customers in a changing world. We are improving our position in personal property-liability while expanding protection businesses to improve the lives of our customers.
* Non-GAAP measures are denoted with an asterisk

Human Capital

Changing the world for the better has been our goal and ambition since day one. The well-being of our employees is a priority and starts with a workplace that encourages employees to collaborate and bring their best ideas.

Our Approach

Allstate provides employees with training; mentoring and career development; promotions; inclusive diversity; and work-life balance. We monitor engagement through annual employee surveys.


Allstate has a proud record of inclusive diversity, best-in-class performance and pay practices, as well as annual training in ethical conduct. We offer healthy environments and programs to support well-being, financial security and work-life balance. Allstaters work together every day as a single, powerful force across our businesses and brands.

Inclusive Diversity

Inclusive diversity contributes to employees’ satisfaction, creativity, innovation, problem-solving ability, engagement and community involvement, and it’s a long-held value at Allstate. We seek diverse sources of talent, and our people managers are equipped to attract, retain, develop and advance a diverse talent pool.

Performance and Pay Practices

We take a thorough approach to ensuring fairness in our performance and compensation programs, which include a comprehensive process for ensuring pay equality. The Board of Directors reviews our pay fairness analyses each year.

Ethical Conduct

Allstate provides annual ethics training for employees and a Global Code of Business Conduct. In surveys of the ethical health of our corporate culture, Allstate scores above external benchmarks.

What’s Next?

Allstate will continue to give employees the tools to succeed. Our ongoing partnerships with national and local organizations will help us expand, invest in and improve diversity within our organization, among our suppliers, and in the communities we serve.