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Prosperity Report
Human Capital
Changing the world for the better has been our goal and ambition since day one. The well-being of our employees is a priority and starts with a workplace that encourages employees to collaborate and bring their best ideas.

Our Approach

Allstate provides employees with training; mentoring and career development; promotions; inclusive diversity; and work-life balance. We monitor engagement through annual employee surveys.


Allstate has a proud record of inclusive diversity, best-in-class performance and pay practices, as well as annual training in ethical conduct. We offer healthy environments and programs to support well-being, financial security and work-life balance. Allstaters work together every day as a single, powerful force across our businesses and brands.

Inclusive Diversity

Inclusive diversity contributes to employees’ satisfaction, creativity, innovation, problem-solving ability, engagement and community involvement, and it’s a long-held value at Allstate. We seek diverse sources of talent, and our people managers are equipped to attract, retain, develop and advance a diverse talent pool.

Performance and Pay Practices

We take a thorough approach to ensuring fairness in our performance and compensation programs, which include a comprehensive process for ensuring pay equality. The Board of Directors reviews our pay fairness analyses each year.

Ethical Conduct

Allstate provides annual ethics training for employees and a Global Code of Business Conduct. In surveys of the ethical health of our corporate culture, Allstate scores above external benchmarks.

What’s Next?

Allstate will continue to give employees the tools to succeed. Our ongoing partnerships with national and local organizations will help us expand, invest in and improve diversity within our organization, among our suppliers, and in the communities we serve.