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Prosperity Report
Intellectual Capital
Allstate innovates to meet the accelerating pace of change so we can continue to protect customers from life’s uncertainties. Innovation is critical to ensuring that our business successfully navigates global shifts in mobility, climate, urbanization, technology and security.

Our Approach

With our 89-year legacy as a trusted provider, Allstate serves the full range of emerging customer protection needs and stays ahead of the changing mobility landscape. Our brand, customer base, proprietary data and expertise position our business to grow and expand.


Using technology, data and analytics, Allstate restores normalcy for customers as quickly as possible, delivering compassionate service that is fast, fair and easy. We are dedicated to providing products and experiences that meet evolving customer needs and expectations, as well as market conditions.

QuickFoto Claim®

QuickFoto Claim has revolutionized our claims model for vehicles that have damage but are still drivable. With this free, user-friendly app, a customer can take photos of a car’s damage and submit them directly to our team of highly trained auto technicians, who can remotely calculate the estimated damage.


Telematics is the science of collecting data through sensors in a vehicle. Allstate is a pioneer in telematics, and it has enabled us to redefine insurance. Drivewise uses drivers’ data to personalize auto insurance and provide insights into their behavior behind the wheel to promote and reward safe driving.


Pay-per-mile coverage is based primarily on the number of miles a customer drives. Consumers today expect personalized products and services that give them more control over cost and usage, and we’re on top of this trend. Milewise gives customers more control over their auto insurance costs with the same great Allstate coverage and claim service.


Avail is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that connects drivers and car owners, providing a protected car sharing experience conveniently located where people live, work and travel. Launched in late 2018, Avail is now offered at seven U.S. airports, including Denver, Chicago and Phoenix.

What’s Next?

Through our continued emphasis on innovation and development, we create strategic platforms for growth. We focus on expanding our business and offerings and on fostering a healthy environment for sustained innovation.