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Prosperity Report
Manufactured Capital
Providing our services and fulfilling our commitments to customers requires physical resources. We make every effort to understand and minimize the use of these inputs and their related impact.

Our Approach

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, Allstate believes reducing our footprint is in our best interest as well as that of the world at large. We are committed to monitoring and reducing our physical impact as our business continues to thrive.


We have implemented numerous resource reduction and recycling initiatives related to our buildings, vehicles and business supplies. We encourage the use of electronic customer communications to cut costs and reduce paper waste.
Vehicle Fleet
Allstate operates a fleet of about 3,000 sedans and SUVs to support the business travel requirements of the Claims, Distribution and Service Businesses teams. About a quarter of Allstate’s vehicle fleet is now hybrid. We are also focused on moving to a more digital work environment and are using technology to decrease our total vehicle footprint and business miles driven.

Paper Reduction

We make every effort to keep documents electronic. When paper documents are necessary, Allstate maintains a secure program so they can be shredded and recycled. We implemented a “Follow Me Print” system that requires employees to scan their badges before a document prints. If a print job is not retrieved within 72 hours, it disappears from the printer queue and won’t be printed. Allstate has three paperless initiatives for customers: eSignature, ePolicy and eBill. Since 2012, we have reduced customer paper use 35.2% and employee paper use 46.9%.

Small Electronics Recycling

Allstate replaces about 3,000 small electronic items each month. About a third of those are suitable to be salvaged or recycled. To prevent electronic waste, Allstate partnered with Clover Wireless. We send small electronic items to Clover, which recycles whole items or parts that cannot be salvaged, reducing the number of items that go to landfills.

What’s Next?

Allstate will continue to seek new ways to reduce our physical footprint while improving our existing initiatives. Our strategic growth platform will enable us to adapt even more quickly.