Social impact and community leadership


The Allstate Foundation empowers people and communities so they can thrive. In 2021, the Foundation, along with employees, agents and The Allstate Corporation invested more than $44 million and over 92,000 volunteer hours to support communities.

We champion bold ideas: From breaking the cycle of relationship abuse to advancing racial equity to creating a brighter future for the next generation, we believe in setting our sights high and bringing our resources and expertise to address today’s greatest social issues.

We accelerate change: We give our time, leadership and financial resources to improve communities and identify where we can make the biggest impact.

We create lasting impact: By focusing on outcomes and using data, we ensure our work is scalable, sustainable and measurable to create lasting change.


Established in 1952, The Allstate Foundation is an independent charitable organization made possible by Allstate Insurance Company. Fully funded by donations from Allstate, the Foundation invests nationally and locally in the communities where we live and work. Over the decades, the Foundation’s focus has evolved to respond to changing community needs to best use our unique resources to make an impact. The Allstate Foundation works to pursue equity so people and communities can thrive. In 2021, 71% of the Allstate Foundation’s grant funding went to organizations serving diverse and multicultural populations.

In 2021, Allstate and The Allstate Foundation invested more than $44 million in communities.

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Giving by The Allstate Foundation
Giving by Allstate

Accelerating social impact and community leadership

With the help of engaged Allstate employees and agents, The Allstate Foundation is committed to making an impact in empowering youth to succeed and lead, disrupting the cycle and prevalence of relationship abuse and closing the racial opportunity gap for careers with living wages – all to help create a more equitable world where people and communities can thrive.

Youth empowerment

Empowering youth to succeed and lead

The Allstate Foundation has been helping youth learn, grow and succeed for 16 years. First by reducing teen driving deaths and now by preparing youth for the future.

Today, the Foundation empowers youth to succeed and lead by preparing them with the skills and experiences needed to achieve their hopes and dreams, find innovative solutions and build a more equitable world. We work to ensure young people across the country benefit from equitable access to evidence-based curriculum and programs, regardless of identity, ZIP code or socioeconomic status. If you make a positive impact on enough youth, the ripples will help a family, a school, a community and ultimately the world. Since 2014, the Foundation has invested more than $100 million in these efforts.

In 2021, the Foundation and our nonprofit partners worked to deliver social and emotional learning (SEL), service-learning and inclusive leadership programs to youth across the country. As part of these efforts, we partnered with Discovery Education to establish the SEL Coalition and a free, digital SEL Center providing curriculum and tools to more than 2,000 school districts.

Relationship abuse

Breaking the cycle and prevalence of relationship abuse

Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $90 million toward disrupting the cycle and prevalence of relationship abuse and helping empower survivors on the path to safety and security.

In 2021, the Foundation deepened its impact by using new platforms, partners and formats to advance our Moving Ahead Curriculum. This includes launching a new, online version of the curriculum to ensure increased and equitable access to this vital information to equip survivors with financial empowerment resources. In July, the Foundation awarded $1.3 million in grants to 27 domestic violence coalitions to provide innovative financial empowerment services to survivors.

To further disrupt the cycle of relationship abuse, the Foundation expanded its investment in violence prevention by supporting research and curriculum focused on helping teens build healthy relationships. This included a first-of-its-kind study to understand the prevalence of financial abuse and its impact on teens. These findings will inform future financial abuse education to prevent abuse before it occurs. 

Advancing racial equity

Closing the racial opportunity gap for careers with living wages

Allstate is using its resources to support systemic change that creates opportunity for disenfranchised communities and an inclusive economy. This starts within our own company through our policies and practices. The Allstate Foundation’s work complements these efforts, and in 2021 we established our long-term approach on this issue: closing the opportunity gap for careers with living wages. At the close of 2021, the Foundation invested an initial $6 million in six new nonprofit partnerships to support this issue. These largely unrestricted grants will help us learn and assess where the need is greatest.

Despite historically low levels of unemployment, many population segments are excluded from living wage employment, career opportunities and the social mobility that secure, well-compensated employment affords. Meanwhile, globalization, automation and COVID-19 are profoundly reshaping the employment landscape. The Allstate Foundation is investing in nonprofit organizations helping people overcome barriers to living-wage employment and entrepreneurs advancing equity through innovative workforce development strategies.

Accelerating impact

The Allstate Foundation empowers social impact leaders, Allstate agents and employees to accelerate our journey to a more equitable society.

Nonprofit Leadership Center

Nonprofits play a critical role in every community across the nation. Since 2014, The Allstate Foundation has partnered with the Kellogg School of Management’s Center for Nonprofit Management at Northwestern University to make free development programs available to every nonprofit employee in the nation through our Nonprofit Leadership Center. In 2021, more than 7,500 nonprofit professionals from across the country developed skills through our resources, a 13% increase from 2020.

In 2021, we launched new opportunities for nonprofit professionals to advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within their organizations and communities. We held two inaugural cohorts of the Leading with Equity program that equipped 123 nonprofit leaders and board chairs with the education and tools to identify and remove systemic inequities within their organizations. We also released 13 new DEI training videos, available for free to every nonprofit professional in the country, to help staff examine their bias, take steps to combat systemic racism and develop metrics for DEI within their organizations. Over 1,000 nonprofit professionals and board members used the new DEI resources and programs in 2021.

Community leadership

Allstate employees and agents have a long history of bringing out the good in communities across the country through volunteerism and giving. To help them discover and follow their passions and support the Foundation’s key program areas, we offer several ways to get involved.

Our Helping Hands

In 2021, Allstate employees and agents volunteered more than 92,000 hours, benefiting more than 2,000 nonprofits. Employees and agents who volunteer at least eight hours can apply for a Helping Hands Grant, a $500 grant to the eligible organization of their choice. More than $1.35 million in Helping Hands Grants were distributed in 2021.

Recognizing a shift in best practices and nonprofit needs, The Allstate Foundation mobilized Allstate employees and agents to give back in new ways through skills-based volunteering – which allows individuals to use their skills and expertise to help nonprofit organizations pro bono. In 2021, Allstate employees participated in five skills-based volunteering Days of Service, generating more than $850,000 in social impact value for 58 nonprofits across the country. One hundred percent of participating nonprofits surveyed rated the quality of work provided by Allstate volunteers as excellent and felt that the work accomplished made a real difference, while 93% of Allstate volunteers considered the program a useful professional development opportunity.

Days of Service build on two existing skills-based volunteering programs: Allstate Fellows and the Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program. Now in its eleventh year, Allstate Fellows matches highly skilled Allstate employees with nonprofit organizations for long term pro bono projects. In 2021, 12 Allstate Fellows were paired with 10 nonprofit organizations.

Through the Allstate Officer Nonprofit Board Program, officers join the boards of nonprofits whose missions advance the Foundation’s strategic social impact areas. In 2021, the number of Allstate officers serving on the boards of nonprofits was 55 across 58 organizations. In addition to the time, expertise and skills provided, Allstate gives a portion of our corporate philanthropic dollars to these organizations.

Metric 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Number of officers on board 77 71 79 65 55
Number of organizations 94 84 88 71 58

“When you give people a chance to leverage their skills to help worthy causes, it inspires them to make a difference in all areas of life, including their work.” – Allstate employee

“Skills-based volunteering is no regrets work … It is a win-win and makes me feel more engaged at Allstate knowing that I am at a company that cares about the communities we live in!” - Allstate employee

Helping Hands Match

The Allstate Foundation honors the personal passions of employees and agents by offering a match on their qualifying charitable contributions. Employees, agents and staff can request a dollar-for-dollar match for their donations, up to $1,000 per person per year. In 2021, donations and the Helping Hands Match raised more than $7.1 million for more than 8,720 nonprofits across the country.

Metric 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Giving Campaign pledges $6.1M $5.4M $5.8M $4.4M $4.1M
Corporate match $0.9M $0.8M $1.1M $2.1M $3.0M
TOTAL $7.3M $6.4M $7.2M $6.5 $7.1M

Columns may not add precisely due to rounding.

Corporate giving

In 2021, Allstate gave more than $6 million in corporate support to nonprofits.

Part of that went to nonprofit organizations in our hometowns of Chicago, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Irving, Texas. Our approach includes corporate sponsorships and grants, the Officer Nonprofit Board Program and Allstate Fellows. For the sixth year, we continued to focus on programs and partnerships that empower youth – in their own lives and in their communities.

The focus on youth empowerment includes direct services, skilled volunteerism, public awareness and engagement activities. Our strategy aims to reach youth, parents, educators, Allstate leaders and employees to build SEL awareness by highlighting youth as problem solvers.

Allstate also committed funding to disaster relief, investing more than $1 million for nonprofits to address Hurricane Ida, California wildfires, Texas winter storms, Kentucky tornadoes and COVID-19 relief in India, where Allstate has employees.

Additional partnerships and initiatives

The Better Arguments Project (BAP), a civic initiative founded by The Aspen Institute, Allstate and Facing History and Ourselves, launched in September 2020. It offers free resources to help people learn how arguing can help bring them together. Discussion topics include Liberty & Equality, Voter ID, Tech Boom Tensions, and themes including freedom, responsibility, and accountability. The framework empowers teachers and other facilitators to run these conversations in educational, workplace and community settings. In 2021, the BAP team intentionally curated a diverse cohort of Ambassadors to help deepen their community engagement efforts in communities that may otherwise be underrepresented among training participants, and they will continue adding new cohorts of BAP Ambassadors in the years ahead.

Looking ahead

In 2022, The Allstate Foundation will continue in our pursuit of equitable philanthropy: from the program areas we invest in, to our philanthropic practices, to our support and development of leaders in the nonprofit sector, to how we engage Allstate employees and agents in creating social impact. Together, we will take on critical social issues that affect the communities we serve.

Continued COVID-19 Relief Efforts

In 2021, The Allstate Foundation continued to support nonprofit organizations as they worked on the frontlines to meet the needs of their communities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the deadly COVID-19 outbreak in India, we donated $100,000 to Pratham USA to aid their extensive work providing critical health and human services needs in India: mobilizing oxygen concentrators, rapid tests, vaccines, personal protective equipment and other urgent aid. We also encouraged employees and agents to donate to these relief efforts and double their impact through the Foundation’s dollar-for-dollar match program to eligible nonprofits.

Through our youth empowerment program, we continued to meet the needs of young people grappling with trauma and uncertainty amid COVID-19. This included a $1 million investment as lead sponsor of the education pillar of the COVID Collaborative, a bipartisan assembly of experts working to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. We also ensured that critical social-emotional and mental wellness resources were accessible through partnerships with organizations including National 4-H,, National PTA and Discovery Education.

Equitable Philanthropy

In addition to our dedicated racial equity program, The Allstate Foundation is applying a refreshed equity lens to all program areas and implementing new equitable grant making practices across our efforts.

In 2021, we launched our largest open-funding opportunity to date, focused on youth empowerment organizations working to advance equity. Through that effort, we distributed nearly $4 million in grants and facilitated access to organizations that may not have previously had opportunities to apply for grants from a national foundation. We also awarded honorary grants to organizations that completed a full application but were not selected, in acknowledgment of their time and effort.

This year, for the first time, The Allstate Foundation and Allstate’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) teamed up to distribute more than $550,000 in grants to nonprofits that best reflect the ERG’s mission and values.

We also distributed nearly $1 million in unrestricted emergency relief grants to 73 organizations. Rare in philanthropy, unrestricted grants trust the organizations’ expertise and proximity to the issues to determine the best way to use the funds, and are especially critical during times of emergency, like a pandemic.

“Open funding allows organizations, such as ours, to take advantage of opportunities that have typically been offered to a select few. By opening funding channels, organizations that have been doing long-standing work in underserved communities will have equal opportunities to impact their communities in meaningful ways.” Dr. Rita Davis-Cannon, Board Chair, Men Stopping Violence

Joining Forces in Support of Classrooms

The Allstate Foundation, Allstate employees and agents teamed up to support classrooms across the country through DonorsChoose, a nonprofit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. The Allstate Foundation was the inaugural funder of DonorsChoose’s new Racial Justice and Representation project category, providing $1.5 million in matching funds. This funding benefited more than 6,600 projects in schools in every U.S. state.

Employees and agents participated by requesting a $50 donor code that could be used support a project of their choosing. More than 5,000 codes were claimed, totaling more than $265,000 in classroom donations. Agents in districts impacted by Hurricane Ida and the California wildfires proactively received donor codes to continue to serve their communities.

“It’s one thing when you care about your families and your students, but when you have complete strangers or a corporation that says ‘we care too,’ it gives you hope and inspiration. For many students, if you’ve never felt heard or never had a voice or never valued, and suddenly you have people say, ‘I care about you and I want you to be successful … it can have ripple effects that are endless.” Ms. Brecque, teacher, Flint Community Schools