Ensuring our products are accessible, competitively priced, and considerate of environmental and social impacts are essential components of our Transformative Growth Plan. We are dedicated to providing products and experiences that meet evolving customer expectations and needs, and market conditions.


Developing and providing products is a shared responsibility of multiple teams, including Product, Innovation, Marketing and Technology. Making our products more affordable enables stronger financial inclusion. Allstate’s efforts to promote financial inclusion lie at the intersection of business and social value — generating positive feedback and helping society. We challenge ourselves to create innovative products and services to meet customers’ needs and outperform the competition.

Policies and Procedures

Advancements in data collection, computing power and technology have enhanced our ability to refine pricing models to ensure we have competitive prices. Allstate agency owners and staff build personal relationships with each customer. They look to offer the best insurance solutions at the right price for each customer, balancing risks and costs. For auto insurance, we use information such as driving records, location and vehicle type to provide accurate and competitive prices. We base our homeowners insurance pricing on external factors such as historical weather patterns for the area, the cost of labor and building materials, the home’s age, and homeowner policy preferences such as deductible amount.

Allstate offers several ways to reduce customers’ premiums, including discounts for insuring both their car and home with Allstate, maintaining a safe driving record, and using Drivewise to reward and encourage safe driving behavior. Customers may also receive credit for installing safety features like smoke detectors and home security systems.

Pandemic Response

Given an unprecedented decline in driving due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided auto insurance customers a Shelter-In-Place Payback representing approximately $1 billion, with most customers receiving 15% of their monthly premium in April, May and June 2020. Since our lives have also become more digital, Allstate offered our Identity Protection product to U.S. residents, regardless of whether they are already Allstate customers for free for the remainder of 2020. To address the need to limit in-person contact when possible, we increased the utilization of virtual tools such as QuickFoto Claim® and Virtual Assist® to allow for a simple, fast and safe claims handling process for customers and our employees.

For customers seeking payment relief, we offer a special payment plan that allows auto and property insurance premium payments to be delayed for 60 days without penalty. Customers utilizing the special payment plan can also choose to pay what they can afford during the 60 day period, with no minimum payment required.

While people were sheltering in place under States of Emergency, we extended coverage to protect customers using their personal car or motorcycle to deliver food, medicine or other commercial goods, commercial activity which is typically excluded by standard personal auto policies.

Programs and Performance

Environmentally Responsible Products

As part of our strategy to mitigate climate change, we work to reduce our carbon footprint while helping customers reduce theirs. For example, we offer policyholders the Homeowners Policy Green Improvement Reimbursement Endorsement. If purchased, it allows a customer to replace damaged or destroyed appliances and equipment with more energy-efficient items and be reimbursed by Allstate for the additional cost.

The reimbursement applies to certain categories of Energy Star®-rated products such as: washers and refrigerators; computers and other electronics; heating and cooling equipment; and certain plumbing and building equipment. These products are designed more efficiently to save electricity or water, reducing a home’s environmental impact while lowering homeowners’ utility bills. Allstate offers the Homeowners Policy Green Improvement Reimbursement Endorsement in most states.

QuickFoto Claim®

QuickFoto Claim has revolutionized our claims model for vehicles that have damage but are still drivable. With this free, user-friendly app, a customer can take photos of a car’s damage and submit them directly to our team of highly trained auto technicians, who can remotely calculate the estimated damage.


Telematics is the science of collecting data through sensors in a vehicle, which enables us to redefine insurance. Drivewise uses telematics to personalize the auto experience and provide customers insights into their behavior to promote and reward safe driving. Drivewise is available in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Allstate was the first major U.S. insurer to bring to market a mobile app to collect data for a telematics-based insurance program.


Pay-per-mile coverage is an innovative kind of auto insurance based primarily on the miles a customer drives. Consumers today are accustomed to personalized products or services that give them more control over cost and usage, and we’re staying on top of this trend. Milewise, Allstate’s pay-per-mile auto insurance, is available in 14 states plus the District of Columbia and will expand into more states in the coming year. Milewise gives customers more control over their auto insurance costs with the same great coverage and claim service from Allstate.

Allstate Identity Protection

Allstate Identity Protection is reinventing privacy and identity protection by giving people the tools to see, control and protect their digital lives.


Avail is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that connects drivers and car owners, providing a protected car sharing experience conveniently located where people live, work and travel.


Arity is a mobility data and analytics company that turns billions of miles of driving data into predictive insights to make transportation safer and improve the accuracy of auto insurance pricing.

Ride for Hire® and HostAdvantage®

With the rapid growth of consumers using personal cars and homes to participate in the sharing economy, Allstate moved quickly to provide coverage options that address their needs:

  • Ride for Hire provides Allstate customers who drive for companies like Uber and Lyft an optional endorsement to help fill the gap between their personal auto policy coverage and what’s provided by the transportation network company’s commercial policy.
  • HostAdvantage provides Allstate customers who rent out their homes on sites like Airbnb and HomeAway coverage options to help with their personal property protection gaps.