Summary of Allstate's employee recruitment, development and retention

Workforce & Diversity
Be a Force for Good

Purpose-driven. Inclusive. Agile. Our people are our most valuable asset. Their skill, dedication and care define Allstate and bring out the good for our customers. We develop each other, looking for ways to challenge ourselves and coach others, so all employees can reach their potential while maximizing their contributions to agency owners, customers and shareholders.

Allstate’s business results, culture and ability to achieve its goals depend upon our people—they determine our ability to succeed.

Our surveys consistently show that by providing our employees with exciting career paths and educational opportunities, Allstate improves morale and engagement. These positive outcomes contribute to our reputation and legacy of having a dynamic and productive workforce. Because Allstate is a large employer, we understand employee engagement has a significant influence on our communities and economies. We take this responsibility seriously and want to ensure this legacy continues.


We manage talent by providing employees with training, engagement, mentoring, and career development; promoting from within; retaining existing talent; attracting new employees through employee benefits; monitoring performance on annual VOICE surveys; and promoting diversity in Allstate’s leadership, employee population and suppliers by fostering an inclusive culture.


Being open and empathetic in all our interactions fosters a culture of transparency and leads to stronger working relationships and positive feelings towards work-life balance.


When Purpose and Career Align

Maryse Gregorie was born and raised in Haiti before coming to America. Upon arrival, she faced many challenges: her first time encounter with snow, moving away from family and friends and finding a job.

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